Reasons Why Food Truck In Office Park Is A Must!

The traditional office park - a cluster of neutral, boring buildings surrounded by wide parking lots and highways - is dying. Given Millennials' propensity for walking and express-casual restaurants, a number of American companies are either refurbishing their suburban office parks to simulate an urban environment or uprooting for the city. Companies want to move... Continue Reading →

How To Use Your Empty Open Garden Event Space?

Open garden event space is becoming a popular choice due to their limitless opportunities and the feeling that they can convey about your event. There are endless advantages to incorporating your personal style and interests into the natural ambiance of an outdoor venue. Sometimes, it’s nice to escape the concrete jungle and head to the... Continue Reading →

Give your empty retail space for rent!

In 2017, the retail business saw some huge changes. Publications were loaded up with doom and gloom headlines about the retail end of the world. And while brick and mortar continues to be a feasible deals channel, the shifting landscape has some industry players, especially business landowners, endeavouring to make sense of how to fill... Continue Reading →

Apply These Techniques To Improve Listing Space

Dedicated to helping Myrsa's hosts generate interest in their space. For Myrsa's hosts, it can be amazingly worthwhile to share your space with productive customers while generating additional revenue. Myrsa helps owners let out their Temporary Vacant Spaces on Rental that fits the needs of potential customers. While it can be exciting to know how... Continue Reading →

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