We all know about Indian Premier League i.e. IPL from so long now. It has been a boon for young blood of Indian cricket and how!Many young cricketers got opportunity to make their mark in IPL. Hardik Pandya, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant, to name a few, went from being obscure to being household names on... Continue Reading →

Talents and Mastery

In India cost of education is driving factor on which path a student should take rather than his innate ability. A student may have artistic inclinations but because his parents can afford top engineering schools, he/she might be pushed to pursue engineering education. And likewise, if a student has engineering inclinations, he could be pushed... Continue Reading →

Network of Teams

Recently player auctions held for upcoming 15th season of IPL. 15 years already! When we look back over past seasons of IPL, we will notice a pattern emerging. One team has won more titles than the other may, but it certainly was not successful year after year consistently. Mumbai beats Chennai, Kolkata outperforms Mumbai and... Continue Reading →

Freedom & Trust

Productivity is quintessential to any company’s longevity in market. Despite this, equation to get good productivity is a complex one. We cannot guarantee productivity on fixed parameters and one of those parameters is time management. We can have general work timings of 9 to 6 due to several factors, which are not in our control... Continue Reading →

Supportive Leadership

Peak COVID was quite a challenging scenario on all fronts. With complete lockdowns in place, getting weekly groceries/essentials was quite a big ask. Amidst all these uncertainties, what if your work laptop breaks down? There’s a Marathi proverb for such situation “Dushkalat terava mahina” which means 13th month in famine. Such situations were not hypothetical... Continue Reading →

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