A Classroom is more than just a room

School time is always filled with studies and fun. But it’s only limited from morning to evening. Haven’t we always wondered if these rooms can be used for other purposes apart from conventional school lectures? A classroom has all the resources and facilities that can be used by other people in need.

There are so many tutors who cannot afford a setup that a classroom has. These classes can be rented out to such tutors post the school timing. Tuition classes usually run after school hours. A perfect space for tuition can be provided by a classroom. Since these tuitions will be attended by students, shifting from school lectures to these classes will be less of a hassle to the kids and they will be able to adjust well. This will not only help the students study butalso help the school in earning revenue out of these rooms.

Schools today have various types of technological instruments used to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Projectors and E-boards can be used for many other purposes like conducting a workshop or a seminar. Since a classroom has all the necessary equipment required, such events can be conducted with much ease and will also bring back some nostalgic memories to the attendees.

Coaching classes set up their sessions usually on weekends when students don’t have the burden of attending regular school. Extra-curricular activities like sports, art, language, and coaching for competitive exams can be held in the school classrooms with much ease. Since these activities help in increasing the skill set and aspire the children to learn many things that too at a place which is familiar to them will enhance the learning experience for the child and also provide a sense of security to the parents.

Health camps for children can be conducted in schools. Vaccination drives and regular checkups can be done for the betterment of all. Schools can help by providing their classes and their grounds for such purposes. In this way, the school can earn by renting out space and earn money and also have a feeling of giving it back to society.

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