How To Make Use Of Empty Computer Labs

A computer lab acts as the hub for teaching a whole bunch of students how to use a computer and various other skills, usually by a professional computer teacher. Along with taking classes, teachers can also use the computer lab for research or for creating technology-based projects. But what about all the hours when the... Continue Reading →

QuickBooks vs. Property Management Software

Property management has its own distinct challenges. You need to market your vacancies, oversee the leasing cycle, collect rent, and manage a range of services, including maintenance and landscaping of buildings.Several property managers and landlords are using QuickBooks to manage their finances in an attempt to simplify. You can set up each unit as a... Continue Reading →

Micro Apartments-Redefine Real Estate Trends

The studio apartment is an international concept, but it is currently gaining momentum in India due to the young professionals primarily in the IT and BPO sector. Spacious and high-end apartments being beyond the budgetary limits of the salaried class in major cities of India have a limited clientele. The concept of studio apartments in... Continue Reading →

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