Key Factors to Consider While Choosing a Commercial Space for Rent

You have extensively prepared a thorough blueprint of your business plans and now is the time to execute them. The initial requirement to conduct your day to day operations is a commercial space for rent. More and more businesses are now opting for rental spaces to avoid blocking their capital. This leaves them with more funds that can be allocated to other requirements. The space that you finalize can make or break your business. There are a number of things to be taken into consideration while deciding on a space but these five factors play a pivotal role.


Everything that your business does depends upon the budget that you set aside for it. Spaces at prime locations are costlier than the ones that have lower accessibility. It is important to strike the right balance between the things you expect from a space and the price you pay for it.

If you are a start-up, it is recommended to opt for properties that have a mid or low price range until your business is up and running. On the contrary, established businesses can look for high range spaces. It is also essential to consider the facilities like electricity, cleaning, water etc. that would be included in the rent of the property.

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You should narrow down on your choice of spaces based on the type of business that you run. If you are a business that expects a significant number of walk-ins like a salon or a doctor’s clinic, it is best advised to go for a location that is situated on the ground floor. If most of your work is online and it requires your employees to do a desk job, search for a property with enough space to accommodate all the infrastructure that you will need.

The kind of businesses around your property is also of utmost importance.

  • Is there a coffee shop around?
  • Can your employees blow off some steam after a long day at work?
  • Is the neighbourhood of the rental property safe and not secluded?

Taking all these factors into consideration is necessary while looking for a suitable location for your business.

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A rented space for your business is an investment that, if done right, can yield great profits. Shelling out some extra bucks for an accessible commercial space will prove to be beneficial. Always place the convenience of your resources over yourself. Ask the following questions while searching for a good property:

  • Is the space well connected by transport?
  • Can my clients and employees locate my business without difficulty?
  • Is parking available at the property?
  • Can the property be accessed by people with physical disabilities?

If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, pat yourself on the back. You have got yourself a great deal. 


Happy employees and clients are an asset to your business and a way to achieve that is to ensure you can sustain a good ambience at your rented property. Make certain that the space you choose is ventilated, neat and tidy, well-lit and quiet.

You can enhance the vibe of the space by adding comfortable sofas, potted plants and posters that are in tune with the line of business you operate in. All these factors affect the perception of your employees and clients. Failing to maintain a good ambience will result in a fall in productivity of your employees. Modern interiors and vibrantly-coloured wall are additional factors that complement the appearance of the property.

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Services and facilities

To get your business up and running, it is crucial that you have all the infrastructure and facilities you need to get the work done. The quality of the service that you receive is also crucial. There should be an uninterrupted flow of business once the space is rented. Some of the details to be considered are:

  • Does the owner assure the security of the space?
  • Does the location have a dedicated postal address?
  • Is there a well-connected computer network?
  • Are there proper utilities like air conditioning, electricity points and CCTV surveillance?

Not being able to provide these to your employees will increase your employee turnover and result in significant losses.

Time Period

The rental period for each space would be different. It can start off with just a few hours to a few days and goes up to a month. The short term renting business is on a rise right now. It creates a lasting impression on the customers and many brands use it for their promotion. When we talk about renting for a few hours it covers all the businesses that may use kiosk spaces and also a weekend classroom space. If you want to set up a popup business it can go up to a week. Simultaneously when you are wanting to just test the markets you can even use a commercial space for rent for a month. It all depends on the type of business and the business goals that you want to achieve.

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Be wary of the pitfalls that might accompany the commercial space that you rent. A thorough check of all the factors that impact the functioning of your business is vital. Keeping your search for a property as a priority should be of primary concern when setting up your business.

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