How to Choose a Co-Working Space Wisely?

Firstly what is Coworking? It is a business service provision model that involves individuals working independently but in a shared office. Mostly user of a co-working space is a self-employed or a freelancer. It is also beneficial for businesses who want to provide more equipment and space for their employees which they can’t afford otherwise.

Larger enterprises sometimes also opt co-working to provide facilities and space for larger number employees they may higher than normal number hired. In cases like this, one must maintain a number of people hired as their services are shared. Every owner of space provides a work environment, amenities and office equipment found in a typical office.

These are some typical features of coworking facilities include:

  • Shared Workspaces.
  • 24/7 access.
  • Rental conference and/or board rooms.
  • Internet services
  • Communal printer/copier/fax.
  • Shared kitchens, bathrooms, and lounges.Meeting rooms rental

Earlier in days if you were an entrepreneur, freelancer, the only choices in front of you for setting up a business were either out of the home of course or any temporary spaces on rent. Thankfully now we can witness the things changing, as the risk-taking ability of entrepreneurs has increased and changed drastically. Funding for a good idea is now possible with figuring out a solution for basic problems that have become so normal.

Here are some essential points you need to consider before taking up a co-working space :

Ask For Trial Period :

Most of the coworking spaces currently offer potential customers to experience the space for a day or two. Therefore, asking for trial is very beneficial and lets you experience whether space is comfortable to your working style. A trial will always make you understand the space better with the vision of how the working will be executed.

Considering the office equipment and amenities, surroundings matter a lot while taking up co-working space, noise levels around must be considered as there should not be any disturbance to your working style due to others. There should not be any disturbance due to a fully occupied space. Also, the availability of quite rooms, conference meeting rooms for discussions. Thus, getting a preview before signing up for the co-working space is crucial.

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Know the cost :

The most important point to be taken into consideration is to know the cost. This is a significant aspect when determining the best and ideal co-working space. Different daily, weekly or monthly plans of availability, help to identify the one which fits in your budget.

Some spaces may charge extra for facilities like the dedicated desk, stationery, photocopy and print outs, WiFi, over a certain limit. But basic facilities like water purifies, bathrooms, electricity should not be charged extra as these facilities are which are primary. It is also advisable to know its membership cancellation policy.

Identify the amenities:

As mentioned earlier most co-working spaces provide basic office amenities like high-speed WiFi, desks, chairs, meeting rooms, coffee machines, water dispensers, washrooms, etc. However, it is always good to be informed about the upper limit of the user or a certain limit.

In some shared spaces they provide fixed working hours, therefore it is important to check whether your working hours align with the facilities and flexibility it can offer you. It is important to clear all the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ before confirming the deal which will help you in the future. Before taking the final decision, be careful and think twice about the services that you will be using and the money you are going to end up spending.

temporary space on rent

Be cognizant of the commute : 

Nothing is more annoying and tiring than being stuck in traffic especially while reaching your office for work. As most of the coworking spaces are located at prime locations, commercial areas, cities, being aware of the time spent traveling during both peak and off-peak hours is crucial.

Not only you but your employees are also going to face daily delay problems due to this which may affect your company working style. Look after and inquire with the coworking space about other locations around the same city or location that you and your employees might be able to use save time. Therefore, make sure that the co-working space you select consumes time, resulting in a higher efficient workday.

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The other occupants :

The concept of coworking itself is that you will be sharing and using space with other people so, before the deal, it is necessary to know the other occupants. The people you are going to share the space must go hand in hand with yours.

For example, if your company is a real estate or technical company which needs quite a working environment cannot co-work with a musical company or an entertainment production company which has a loud environment. Therefore, getting to know your occupants is extremely necessary.

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