Computer labs only for classes?

We are currently living in the era of digitalization and we can see a rapid change in the way things are done today. In India, almost 17-20 lakh students appear for the engineering entrance exam (IIT-JEE) just for a meagre 10,000 seats! Bizarre isn’t it? But that’s how things are running.

With this increase, the need for proper labs for these entrance exams is a must. An exam that is conducted at such a large scale requires a proper power source, computers with the latest software installed and the right infrastructure. Without all these arrangements, an exam cannot be managed smoothly at the same time for all centres.

Out of the many places that can provide infrastructure like this, schools and colleges are one of them.They have the right resources and they can even earn out of this. It’s strange but true. The engineering colleges can rent their labs for the conduction of such online examinations and also earn for the same.

Not just online exams but these labs can also be used to conduct various training programs. An organization can rent a college computer lab for training people for new software or prepare them for future endeavours. This practice is easily achievable as the computer labs are mostly empty post 6 tillthe next morning. A college can rent this place to an organization temporarily and also earn loads from it.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of people who want to participate in events that are coding based and hackathons. Computers are the major requirement for this and hence a computer lab can act as the best source to manage such events on a large scale. Another use can be during technical fests when certain events require computers, labs can be the centre for such events.

The next best use of these computer labs when they are not in use is organizing seminars. Technical seminars and workshops can be easily convened in a lab. The computers are equipped with the necessary software and the resources needed are also available for the streamlined flow of the event.Not just seminars but tutors can also rent labs to teach their students certain software.

We don’t even realize but such places can be used for so many more events and that too temporarily without the pain of spending huge amounts of money and long contracts but such thoughts don’t even
cross our minds.

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