Different outdoor spaces you can rent out for your events

When you close your eyes and picture your event, what seems better would be a beautiful summer day, with the sun shining and a gentle breeze to get you by. The food, the chatter, the entertainment feels just right. Outdoor spaces are popular because they leave the most exciting memories and eventually a successful event. It’s always been easy to rent out your favourite space through a short-term renting platform. However, with the majority of events being cancelled, postponed, or transferred to virtual platforms in the previous year, these feel like distant memories. It’s hardly unexpected that there’s a cloud of resentment hovering over us, preventing us from securely reuniting. While larger indoor events are still a ways ahead, outdoor events have their own merits. Regulations and precautions differ from area to region, and even province to province, so it’s important to double-check before getting started. With the arrival of warmer weather and the distribution of additional vaccinations every day, we are slowly but steadily returning to some of our favourite activities. There are various outdoor spaces that you can choose to host your events. Here are some of them.

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1. Gardens

Gardens that are not in use remain empty most of the time and it’s never too late to have an open garden event space rental. Maybe it’s time to rethink how you can make use of your owned garden. For starters, you can rent out your garden to societies, institutions and office complexes. Pottery plantations and botanical displays are both educational and interesting ways to feel connected to nature. Such programmes are enjoyable and educational for both children and adults. These exhibitions may be best held in gardens! These days, outdoor photoshoots are all the rage. People love to shoot their key moments in life, and gardens provide photographers with beautiful settings and natural landscapes to work with. In reality, photoshoots are held for a variety of reasons, including pre-wedding, post-wedding, and children’s picture sessions.

Improve your health and fitness while also allowing you to relax and de-stress from your hectic schedule. Connect with nature to create a relaxing atmosphere for your yoga practices. Gardens will add to your enjoyment and make it the ideal setting for you. By planting trees, you are not only cleansing the environment but also making the world a better place every day. Gardens are a great place to plant trees if you’re seeking a place to do so. Find a few hours in a garden to undertake plantation operations and help to make the world a better and greener place. It’s simple to feel motivated when you’re surrounded by natural beauty. Make the most of your ideas by influencing your event! Even the most gorgeous interior locations can’t match the splendour of the outdoors, whether it’s classrooms for rent, halls, auditoriums.

2. Parking Lots

Exhibitions, branding, sales kiosks, and so much more may all be held in parking lots, no matter how big or little they are. For your open mic events, before searching for cafeteria space for rent near me, think about the magic you could create in a parking lot! An unusual space but unique all the more. Parking lots can be beneficial even with single parking, multiple parking and even during busy days. An exhibition with a few vendors can readily fit into society or institution parking lots. This position will provide them with a lot of foot traffic with no obstacles in the way. Kiosks and canopies may simply be put up in single parking spaces for a few hours for brand marketing or fundraising activities. Rental parking spaces can be beneficial to both the renter and the lender/owner. 

Because pop-up stores are continuously on the go, they require temporary parking. The best option for this is to rent a parking place. Pop-up shops can be set up in society parking lots or in the parking lots of an office building. Health checkup camps for older folks or eye check camps for everyone might be held in parking areas of society and offices. Because such camps do not require a large amount of room, renting a parking space or a parking lot may be an excellent option. Food truck proprietors can hire parking places in society or business complexes for a few hours and park their vehicles there. Food trucks fit well in mall parking lots or open office parking lots. In town, new cafés and restaurants can hold sampling events in society or business building parking lots. Parking spaces ensure foot traffic and are just large enough for one or two stalls. For Food Tasting Events, rented parking spots are an excellent match.

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3. Open Grounds

Parties, weddings, exhibitions, flea markets, health and wellness activities, food truck parking, food fests, and a variety of other events can all be held in your open garden. The best places for exhibitions are large open areas. A large number of companies congregate in a location like that, increasing your revenue with each new stall added to the list. The Drive-In Theatre is a novel way of exhibiting movies to a large audience as they sit in the comfort of their automobiles. A special movie screening might also be scheduled to draw in a larger crowd. 

Unlike a studio space rental, a large space is required for the food festival to accommodate all of the food vendors. The space is taken by the food vendors and the tourists at the same time during a food festival, making it busy. Because society grounds often have larger rooms, they can be used for this purpose. Food booths and guests alike may enjoy the food festival on the society grounds. Marathons and sports contests require a venue that can accommodate a variety of sporting activities. Grounds are typically large and provide ideal conditions for such activities.

4. Common Areas

Common spaces in residential complexes, as well as business offices, maybe a lucrative source of revenue. For their promotional operations, brands might set up tiny kiosks or stalls in these places. With an office catering programme, you can create the best workplace perk. Choose from taco trucks, sandwich trucks, or the option of having a new food truck cater for your workplace each week. Office cafés and even parks are frequently deserted despite high foot traffic. Food trucks are the finest way to have a professional chef and a kitchen right outside your office door. 

Events held outside are a breath of fresh air. They increase mood while also allowing you to socially detach yourself if necessary. That isn’t to imply that outdoor activities aren’t fraught with difficulties. While we’ve compiled a list of our favourite outdoor spaces, weather, permissions, and local restrictions should all be considered. What is our finest piece of advice? Seek expert assistance! Make sure you check out our short-term renting platform to find only the best places suitable for you. It will help you save both time and money.

Credit- Manavi Sarang

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