What activities can be done in an empty cafeteria space?

Cafeterias are probably something you never considered as a means to make money. However, some people may find the open areas in your cafeterias to be quite useful. Just like an open garden event space rental, cafeterias can be used for a lot of business and leisure activities too. 

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Below are the list of some activities that can be conducted in an open cafeteria space:

Board game house

This fun and interactive activity will encourage people to stop by with friends or family to partake in an unusual cafeteria activity while enjoying excellent beverages.

You may do it by providing a collection of classic board games — or by inviting people to bring their own — and letting them decide what they want to do from there. 

To encourage customers to drink up while they play, you can provide them with free drinks. 

Creative workshops

Depending on the size of your space, hosting workshops can be really beneficial. Workshops that focus on hobbies such as wreath-making, painting, or other creative undertakings may appeal to customers looking to learn something new.

You can team up with another local business, such as a florist, or a local artist, such as a painter, to teach your consumers their craft. Ideally, host this event and sell tickets ahead of time to ensure you have enough space and resources. To encourage new customers into your cafeteria, you can provide featured drinks with the purchase of a ticket.

Cooking classes

Cooking classes is one of the best ways to use up an open cafeteria space. When it comes to a unique, memorable, and out-of-the-box event concept in an empty cafeteria space, the first thing that comes into mind is organising cooking classes. 

It’s a fantastic way to bring people together while learning a skill, trying something new, and having a good time. You can either try a short term renting program for cooking workshops or rent it for a few months. 

Collaborative events for local businesses

Invite local businesses to host a pop-up event in your empty cafeteria . Make the event more memorable by providing unique beverages or other menu items that either feature or are inspired by the vendor’s products

Connect with one or more business owners and have them put up booths with samples of their products in your cafeteria. Provide drinks and other refreshments during the time of the event. 

Business Conferences 

Cafeterias provide a large open space that is ideal for organising business conferences. In today’s world, businesses require space to either organise a large conference with a large number of attendees or to conduct workshops that improve sales.

An empty cafeteria has a lot of room and may simply be used to set up everything needed to have a meeting or a presentation.

College events

Organizing college activities and fests is the best way to make use of an empty cafeteria area. Fests provide a platform for students to express their unique abilities and are essential in the complete development of the students’ personalities, providing a respite from the boring routine of evaluation and academics.

There are inter-college fests and college fests, and both require a large space due to a big number of students participating and watching.


Fundraising is the process of soliciting and collecting voluntary financial donations from individuals, businesses, charity foundations, and governmental bodies. Although fundraising is most commonly associated with efforts to raise funds for non-profit organisations, it is also used to describe the identification and solicitation of investors or other sources of funding for for-profit firms.

Fundraising events often necessitate a large location to accommodate the large number of individuals in attendance. It’s a great event idea for an empty cafeteria space to be used. 

Cafeterias now have a lot of empty space, and Myrsa will assist you in monetizing it. You may connect with local brands and exhibit their items in your cafeteria. You can boost your income while putting your business ideas into action.

Credits: Fatema Vasanwala 

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