What activities can one perform in an empty space?

The increase of empty spaces around got us thinking about what can one do or perform activities in an empty space by earning extra revenue. We came up with a lot of ideas for empty spaces that we can share with you in this blog.

You would have an empty space that you had brought a while back and now it is just empty. Now the question is how can you make use of the empty space?

The standard answer to this would be a pocket park, a little green space, a bench or two, or maybe just that. But apart from these, there is much to do.

Here is a list of activities to do in an empty space

Make an event space: Maybe you can set a little stage indoor of the empty space for students to hold performances there. Just installing a stage doesn’t mean anything that it is of no use. Dance classes can take place by experts in particular slots for the same.

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Let people decide: One of the other options would be if anyone with their own choice of using the empty place would approach you. Maybe they would want to run a dance class or arrange for a business meeting or event.

Office meeting space: You might need a separate space for a while at some point of your week for special office meetings like discussing with the clients, presentations, etc. Your office might have a different room for it but client meetings call for a special empty space.

Clubhouses for rent: With an empty space like a clubhouse, you could make the best use of it by conducting some of your best talents like dance classes, singing classes, art workshops, general workshops, etc. By that society, clubhouse would earn extra revenue and you would get an opportunity to grow your business.

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Open grounds for rent: When we talk about open grounds, we mean open spaces that are best used to grow your business by utilising it for different activities like sports practices, karate classes, football grounds, etc.

Open hall for rent: Open halls are best used for events for special occasions and business events. This will give you an opportunity to increase your business by conducting these special events on such open grounds.

Empty cafeteria: Indoor eating is considered the best especially during monsoons. Different types of the eatery can be kept in the empty cafeteria for everyone’s entertainment.

Empty studio for rent: Studios can be used for different dance performances, music classes, instrument playing, etc. By performing such activities, you can earn extra revenue and grow your business at the same time.

Bottom line

You can go out and look for empty spaces but going out can be a bit of a hazard. Online listing websites like www.myrsa.in can give you an opportunity to earn extra and help you grow your business.

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