What are the different types of common areas that can be used for renting?

Many studio space rentals in a residential setting are utilised and paid for by everyone who owns an apartment in that complex. Tenants in residential projects also utilise common areas. Common spaces include parking lots, elevators, lobby areas, and hallways. Apartment owners are frequently required to contribute to the upkeep of communal facilities through a co-operative organisation or a home-owners association. However, the society in which you buy or rent an apartment may choose who is responsible for common area maintenance. The carpet area, or the space where you lay the carpet, as well as the thickness of the walls and the common spaces in the development, are all included in the super built-up area of a flat. Common spaces, on the other hand, are not included in the built-up area. Many property purchasers are unaware that the super built-up area also includes common areas, for which they are paid. The charge collected from the outlets in the buildings is typically used to maintain common facilities in commercial projects, based on the amount of floor space each unit occupies.

The practise of comparing the performance of your items based on their performance and characteristics is known as product testing. It might be tough to choose the perfect place to attract your target audience. Spaces are available in shopping malls, workplaces, and even residential neighbourhoods. To market their brands, retail stores require various locations. If you’re a retailer that wants to set up temporary shops in several places. With that being said, there are various types of common areas that can be used for renting. Some of them are as follows.

1. Parking Lots

Exhibitions, branding, sales kiosks, and so much more may all be held in parking lots, no matter how big or little they are. Renting out parking spots in your society, business, institutions, or other locations gives you a whole new viewpoint on your empty parking. Kiosks and canopies may simply be put up in single parking spaces for a few hours, whether for brand promotion or a fund-raising activity. Rental parking spaces can be beneficial to both the renter and the lender/owner. Because they are continually on the go, pop-up stores require temporary parking. For this purpose, rented parking spots are ideal. A pop-up store can be set up in a society parking lot or a parking lot of an office building.

Health checkup camps for older persons or eye check camps for everyone might be held in parking spots at society and offices. Because such camps do not require a large amount of room, renting a parking space or a parking lot may be an excellent option. New cafés and eateries in town can hold sampling events in society or business building parking lots. Parking spaces ensure foot traffic and are just large enough for one or two stalls. Food tasting events are a fantastic fit for rented parking spots.

2. Atriums

Small-scale exhibits are an excellent method for groups, institutions, and office complexes to make use of common areas. Rent out the atriums, elevator areas, compounds, and other such places to supplement your revenue.A product demo is a promotional activity offered to targeted consumers in order to increase sales. Office atriums can assist you in reaching a broader audience and raising awareness. Increase the number of individuals who are aware of your goods in various areas. The audience in office atriums is diverse.

3. Gardens

Pottery plantation and botanical displays are both educational and imaginative ways to feel connected to nature. Such programmes are enjoyable and educational for both children and adults. You can hold open garden event space rentals. These shows may be best held in gardens. Improve your health and fitness while also allowing you to relax and de-stress from your hectic schedule. Connect with nature to create a relaxing atmosphere for your yoga practises. Gardens will add to your enjoyment and make it the ideal setting for you. Here you may find low-cost temporary rental venues for wellness programmes.

Common spaces in residential complexes, classrooms for rent, as well as business offices, may be a lucrative source of revenue. For their promotional efforts, brands might set up tiny kiosks or stalls in these places. With an office catering programme, you can create the ideal workplace benefit. Instead of cafeteria space for rent near me,  choose from taco trucks, sandwich trucks, or the option of having a new food truck cater your workplace each week. Office cafés and even parks are frequently deserted despite high foot traffic. Food trucks are the finest way to have a professional chef and a kitchen right outside your office door. A fantastic fundraising is required for every worthwhile cause. Traditional fundraising for schools, sports teams, churches, and non-profits necessitates the availability of an ideal location. Malls will be an excellent venue for these activities.There are various short-term renting platforms that will help you out with common areas.

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