5 Tips For Your Fashion Popup Store

You have planned for your fashion pop-up store to be a hit but you need to be sure before opening it. Know all the points that are said to be important by the experts to create your fashion popup into a success.

The Right Reason

Now you are a new fashion brand that has been started to be recognized as a successful brand in the market- it may be first or second, you need to be sure about the reason you are planning to go offline with your popup shop and set all your purposes right. Everything that comes after that will define whether you want to be placed in a high street area or a mall.

  • Is it to engage your customers offline?
  • Are you looking to explore a different city or a new market?
  • Do you want more brand awareness?
  • Do you have an upcoming collection to be shown?

Mainly these points complement each other. But there must be one point that will stand out from the others, which then becomes the main goal for your business when it comes time to bring it front and promote it.

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The Perfect Timing

Once you define your reason, why you want to create a fashion pop-up store, you need to define when and for how long you want to keep the store open.

Knowing the right time to open up a popup store adds to your success. You need to study the dates when your target audience will be at the place that you are aiming for so that they don’t miss your store.

Some important factors to consider are:

  • Fashion week agenda
  • Other events that are complementary
  • Festive seasons
  • Start of the season
  • End of the season

fashion pop up shop on rent

To decide about the about of time your popup store on rent should last, I would say it truly depends on the type of experience you want to deliver to your customers. Short term popup stores create an impactful perspective and thus building great customer experience for your brand.

Popup shops that last for more than a week are those that want to a part of the market in a daily way. These pop-up shops then become a go-to destination for the customers because they create certain reliability over time. These long popup stores then go on to become a permanent shop in that area.

The common ground between these two is that they work incredibly well for your brand as a case study.

The Perfect Location

As Important as timing is for your popup store, finding the right pop up shop space that is planned by your budget and as your brand’s identity is equally important. So where do the people who follow your brand’s style go to?

You must have a clear customer persona to get this right. Do they go out to the mall shops or do they go out to outside areas?

Websites like Myrsa help you find unique spaces for your popup shops. Decide the type of space you want from small to big and also specify the time of your shop. Find your ideal popup shop spaces on Myrsa. Once you have this clear you can then start to find the different types of popup locations that are within your price range and your decided area.

These are the various types of pop-up stores:

  • Mall shops
  • Stores or street-level shops and retail spaces
  • Mall booths or stands or exhibition stalls

The essentials that your popup store must have are:

  • fitting rooms
  • storage space
  • storefront for display
  • bathrooms / restrooms
  • security cameras to prevent theft
  • proper lighting system
  • parking close by
  • accessibility by public transit
  • street entrance

If the choice you made is in a shopping mall then make sure to know about the opening and closing time of the store.

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The Perfect Store Layout

Now that your idea, timing and location are set, the next thing is to plan your layout. The best layout for your fashion popup will be the one that will create a different or experiential experience for the customer. And the layout is a complementary work between the location and design.

find pop up shops for rent

Some basic things to place depending on the spot chosen are:

  • brand or logo for your storefront
  • lighting fixtures
  • Mirrors inside
  • wifi connection
  • wardrobes, clothing stands, shelves and hangers
  • cashier system for the POS
  • stoppers and signs for outside

You should keep in mind that the inside store should match with the outside of the store to match your brand story. If you want to attract new customers then create an inviting atmosphere for both inside and outside your store.

Promote your Pop-Up Store

Create a lot of awareness about the store you are going to open. Let everyone know about where and when you are about to open your open popup.

A few important tasks to carry on are:

  • make sure to promote it on Facebook by creating an event
  • promote it on Instagram accounts 
  • contact all the influencers and newspapers
  • make offers that can attract customers
  • set up an opening and closing event for your pop-up store

It is time to get your pop-up fashion idea going! Our team will gladly support you with every step of the way, by finding the pop-up location you were envisioning and creating an incredible fashion pop-up shop that both your customer and yourself will relish.

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