Little Known Ways To Make The Most Out Of Renting Food Court Spaces

Retail chains are closing at a high pace, and empty spaces in malls are piling up. While many businesses are closing down, mall owners are now looking for new ways to fill up these empty spaces. Now, if malls want to remain viable then owners have to turn to other ways to keep their open spaces running. This has now started to happen and malls are now planning to relook at the ways they can earn money. This has led to a transformation in the way of renting out mall spaces.

Kiosks and Popup shops turn out to be the best way for malls during the holiday season, but now it has turned into a more often happening.

If you have been thinking to take your business offline but have always been putting the idea off because of the cost and commitment, kiosk or pop-up shop could be the solution.

A popup is a way for business to easily manage their activities because it is of all sizes and budgets to test waters before getting into the market.

Having a physical space can help you meet customers in real life and put your brand story in front of them. It is a direct way to encourage sales and despite the rapid growth in the online sector only a small amount of people think they are safe buying online.

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In this blog, you are going to learn about how empty food court space for rent can help you in your business. How to find unique spaces for rent like these and how you can increase your reach with food court space for rent.

Food court spaces are one of the spaces in malls that have the most ongoing activity. You might never see a food court that is not filled with a  group of people. Everyone who goes to the mall makes sure that they attend the food court to fulfil their hunger. Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get a small food court space to promote your business brand?

How will you find such spaces?

You might think that for this you might need to email the manager to take an appointment go up to him and then have a proper meeting about a small space. This is a very long process for showcasing your brand for a short period of time.

Thanks to the internet, online platforms like provide you with unique spaces. You can find food court spaces for rent on a short term rental basis on Myrsa. Rent starts to form a few hours in a day to a few days.

You just have to look at all the spaces that are ready to rent and that too according to your suitable timings. If you want to find such spaces you can even send requests to certain businesses to provide you with such spaces. Everything will be online so you don’t have to waste your time. The temporary renting programme makes is a part why everyone would prefer to choose this.

How can this help you?

Setting up a pop-up shop or a kiosk in these areas is a win-win situation in every aspect for you. Cost reduction and also increment in profit or exposure of the brand name, brand awareness etc. Popup shops are sure to generate you a lot of ROI. In the sense that it costs low.

Even kiosks are a small space taker but can make a huge impact on businesses. Suppose you have a new food brand or even a new food product, you can then set up a small kiosk in the food court area.

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A proper marketing plan will get you a lot of new customers and satisfied customers. This can also help in improving the word of mouth awareness. Providing free stuff to people also when they are hungry can be a good way to turn their hangry mood to a happy mood. This will make them relate you to the feeling of happiness.

Online brands who plan to increase their brands offline should start by testing out the markets by placing small stalls. This is a great way for you to look out at the perfect market to put up your physical store.

Brands who would like to expand their businesses can find out which markets would be ideal for them. Myrsa will help you to find spaces on a short term basis. This will assist you with the analytics.

One significant consideration is foot traffic. Is the neighbourhood or street you’re analysing a high-traffic area? Are there loads of people walking by the location you’re scouting—and, most importantly, are those people your target customers? Your answer to this would be a YES if you are looking for food court cafeteria space for rent.

Go on and find short term spaces for your businesses!



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