7 ways to find Creative locations for your next photoshoot!

Professional photography is not a tale of success overnight. Many photographers are slow to create. They start with a few side gigs, and build up to part of full-time photography over months or even years.

Yet when you’re just taking a couple of gigs, how do you find a rental photo studio that won’t suck up all the profits?

Portrait studios come in various styles and sizes. From the photography studio in-home to the dedicated building on a busy lane, to the old factory building with magnificent architecture.

You can find inexpensive photography studios rentable for a limited period of time on a small budget. It may be an hour at a time, a day or a month.

Here are 7 innovative and inexpensive ways to find a photoshoot location rental

1. Find rare places for rent.
Google’s quest for photo studio rentals is likely to churn up high-priced locations. That is because they are already being set up as a studio for photography.

You just need a little floor space, and probably a window, most of the time. You can take your own cameras, backdrops and props along.

locations for photoshoots

There are several different types of spaces on a budget which offer floor space. This can act as a studio for cheap photography.

Consider spaces that aren’t a typical studio space in your city. Be sure that they rent out rooms regularly for activities by the hour or by day.

Classrooms, libraries, rec-centers, halls and even the trendy cafeterias are worth checking out. See how the room suits the rental budget for the shoot and the studio.

Myrsa is a one stop location for all your space needs. Find unique rental spaces for a few hours in your desired locations. Browse through various options and find gardens and even cafeterias for your photoshoots.

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2. TryAirBNB

Of course, when flying, AirBNB is theoretically for cheap accommodation. But finding some exclusive studio spaces is a cheap way to.

To find an apartment or house with enough floor space you’ll need to search carefully. But the emphasis of AirBNB on the photos in the listing allows you to scope out the room. You can also find architecture that is so perfect that you don’t have to take a backdrop to it.

ThoseAirBNB listings are simply a rentable studio space. Other homes can work great for some types of photo shoots.

3. Speak to a Realtor

Empty retail and office sites can be available to a temporary rental while waiting for a full-time tenant. When the listing is on the market, the owner gets some extra cash and you’ll get a cheap place to film.

Try to reach out to a realtor in the area and inquire around for spaces that could be temporarily available to rent.

4. Use the Home or Office of the Client

If you ask, the client will already have a great room available. This is too unprofessional to move into a client’s home or office for certain forms of shoots. Yet for some it can be the perfect system.

Remember just how common photography in the home lifestyle is today. Not only does the client’s home serve as the office but it is supposed to serve as the office.
It works when your customer is a company, not an person too. When you are taking promotional pictures, it can be a better idea to come into the company instead of sending the goods out.
Keep in mind that this sort of shoot will be perceived by certain clients as unprofessional. Be sure to offer this type of shoot with another location option and don’t push if the client says no.

photoshoot venues for rent

5. Join a Studio Co-Op

Studio co-ops allow many artists who may not have enough work to support a full-time studio to share the space. You’ll get a picture studio that you can regularly use, but you’re not going to pay as much as a dedicated studio.

Search for a coop that has already been developed in your city— several larger cities have open spaces for the cooperatives.

If your area has no co-op space, you can always approach friends to start your own and lease a room for sharing.

You’re going to want to consult with an expert— like a realtor and/or lawyer. We should make sure that we figure out just how to manage the room ahead of time.

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6. Creating a Studio Space Within Your Home 

Many photographers begin by creating a studio space at home. A space in the home is also temporarily converted to a shooting studio. When the shoot is over, it then goes back to its old function.

A room is set aside as a dedicated studio area for others. Many photographers also remodel outbuildings and garages. And they build an inexpensive studio room, dedicated to it.

An in-home studio may not feel as professional as other choices, like shooting from the client’s house. Especially if the room is not separate from the rest of the home and customers have to walk through your home in order to get into the studio.

7. Take Outdoors Studio

Do you need a studio room, or just a room? Although some shoots need an indoor venue, other shoots need only a spot.

Most areas outside are safe to fire in. From the backdrop of nature to a brick wall in the lane. Outdoor spaces also give the shoot’s almost infinite atmosphere.

You can’t monitor the light with an outdoor shoot, as you can inside a studio. There is (usually) no connection to a power source, either. You’ll also need to work with Mother Nature and the shifting weather.

Outdoor locations, however, can yield excellent shoots and even improve creativeness. Especially with shoot styles usually taken indoors, such as product photography.

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