Ideal Food Festivals in Mumbai for your Food Business

It is so amazing to see the growth of the food and hospitality industry in the last few years. Now it is not just the big brands that are leading them but smaller food startups are taking over the lead.

Mumbai is said to be the prime city of India. It is said that one can find the whole country here in this small city. Mumbai being the economic capital of India, food business has thrived overseas. To celebrate the ultimate love for food, the people from the city which never sleeps enjoy Food festivals at a huge scale. Various Food festivals are organized in Mumbai, people are fond of attending them on a large scale because who doesn’t love food? It is one of the best profitable businesses by arranging the in-demand food festivals.

Food festivals like any other festival are done for promotional activities. What’s interesting about these festivals is that they give equal opportunities for small and promising startup brands.

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Above all these, it is like an opportunity for upcoming brands to learn and observe how larger and established brands that their customers that they stand out from the crowd.

There are so many food festivals that go on in India itself and every one of them has their unique touch to them. While some fests have restaurants others have famous street foods and local foods that people love.

As it goes food fests are not just for copying the other brands but also standing out with their uniqueness. They need to have their identity the one which will be remembered for, something that defines it that cannot be recreated by anyone.

Food fests are also great for brands that do not have a huge budget to promote themselves. This is a great way to get out there and reach potential audiences at low cost. People can know about the various things in your menu and also get a taste of them. These festivals are covered by foodies and so it becomes a great way to promote your brands. Myrsa is an online platform which helps brands to connect with these food festivals. Businesses can find spaces in upcoming food festivals and can promote themselves for a few days.

Food festivals in Mumbai

This can also help you make extra income if you cater to the interests of the people. It can help with interaction with the brand and you can get to know how well your competitors are doing.

Here are Top 3 of the Food festivals in Mumbai which you will love to attend if you are an ultimate foodie:

The Grub Fest

Grub Fest is a perfect example of food, entertainment, and fun. The fest includes an innumerable variety of food, beverages, drinks from different parts of India, Dance and Music performances. Many of the famous restaurants also host to take part in this fest as it is one of the most popular food festivals in Mumbai. Not only that but it also consists an organic food market, where all fresh and organic food is sold. The Grub fest is an all in one fun package of Food, Music, Dance, Fun all together. Visiting this festival will not make you regret it at all.

Bhukkad flea

Bhukkad is a Hindi slang word which is addressed to people who are always hungry, and if you belong in that slang group Bhukkad flea is the place for you. Basically, it is a unique meeting ground for foodies from all over Mumbai to celebrate the love for food they all have. The flea is mostly organized for home chefs who would like to display their skills, and amaze the crowd with their cooking magic. Also for street vendors, small eateries, and food start-ups. There are live music shows which keep the crowd in a great mood and help to spend time with their food. At this awesome flea, one can taste 100 different types of food in one platter.

Food festivals in Mumbai

Itsy Bitsy

The main purpose of this unique food festival is zero-wastage. Itsy bitsy allows foodies to enjoy a variety of food while reducing waste. Most of the food stations set up here are from renowned Mumbai’s eateries, with their specialties. The most fun part about this festival is that the food available here is of bite-size, meaning the plate size eatables are served in bite sizes which makes it more appetizing and cute. Here the remaining food is not wasted as it’s main motive is zero wastage, the rest food is donated to Roti Bank and Robin Hood Army. These are the organizations that supply surplus food to the unprivileged.

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Food festivals bring a massive crowd together. This results in advantages of promotional, establishment and start-up activities. This also helps you create relations with other associates and clients which can last for very long years and can be profitable in future. Organizers play a crucial role in food festivals as it reflects the background and personality. Once a food festival is loved and visited in large population by people it is a success and profit for the organizers. The arrangements, space, promotions and stalls are the centre of attraction. Space is the prime factor of a food festival, as everything depends on that. A spacious food festival is always the best and most attracted as the visitors get to enjoy their food love and time together at its fullest.

Launching your own stall at any of these fests will make people aware of your brand name and services in the market. Along with all these, you get to create connections with other associated and clients that can last for long years.

Keep in mind that you are not alone in the competition and so you should not act like one. There are many other people and companies that are willing to create their own identity in the market. With such food fests, you can achieve your desired results in less amount of efforts. Find spaces in Food festivals in Mumbai with Myrsa and let your brand grab the right opportunity.


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