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The Pop-Up store concept rose first when the big brands started seeing a lot of competition from the newly emerging brands.

When huge brands didn’t promote in the countryside, new brands began to see an opportunity and targeted those markets. In order to succeed these problems, big brands started pop-up shops or short term retail shops to attract specifically targeted audience.

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The Definition: What are Pop Up Shops?

Pop-Up Shops also are known as Temporary Retail or Flash Retail are short term shops that sell merchandise. Pop-Up shops are typically open anywhere and duration can be from 1 day to a couple of months.

Pop-Up shops are used to market pretty much anything. This can be Clothing, Jewellery, Art, Crafts, Tech Gadgets, Food or anything you are selling.

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The Concept: Why Pop Up shops in India?

Although there are many notions of short term rentals in India, we have just observed them in play for marketing campaigns or sales. In this age of going digital with everything, a lot of brands have started selling their products on e-commerce stores and online marketplaces. But a common problem that every such Brand is suffering today is getting the right attention from the right audience. 

A brand is a purpose behind your company’s name, logo, symbols, products and slogans. Having a unique presence in the target market helps you build brand awareness and create a long-term position in the marketplace.

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So, let’s rest our case and see the benefits of doing so in a densely populated country like India. 

1. Affordability:

 Because pop-up shops are temporary in nature also smaller in size than traditional retail stores, the price of rent is usually cheaper. 

2. Short term commitment:

Rather being locked into a long-term rental negotiation, the brand is only committed for a fixed period of time, which means it can adapt to changes in its business and marketing plans.

3. Brings in Attention:

People are interested in the sudden existence of a store, especially if they look unique — for instance, retail shops or exhibitions.

4. Testing & Experimentation:

Test your Mark on the go! You can test marketing brand-new products and measure the response, from which you can develop the ways of serving your customers.

5. Brand Awareness:

Greatest of all, when you reach out to people personally, you will be supporting yourself and the brand. This will cause a kind of security and assurance in every customer, which will help in branding.

The biggest advantage of pop-up stores is their potential to grow into permanent local businesses by establishing the presence of your Brand. Pop Up Stores come and go along the road, but the point is bringing energy and serving or getting customers.

Utilizing a vacant retail space for your pop-up shop on rent is about more than having a physical storefront; it’s about joining and participating in the local community, if only for a short amount of time. To be successful, it is not enough to merely open the doors. Your pop-up shop should appeal and tailor its message to the tastes of the community where it is located. That means doing your research and taking action before you move into space.

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1. Get to know the neighbourhood: 

Prior to opening, visit the other stores, restaurants and coffee shops in the area. Consider introducing yourself to the owners, this builds rapport and potential support network. Between browsing the other stores and talking with the owners, you can gain a better sense of what people in the community desire.

2. Be on the lookout for fliers advertising local events:

Especially during the spring and summer, communities have festivals and outdoor fairs that are open to the general public. You can use these events to learn more about the community and you may be able to sell your goods in an environment where there would be a lot of potential customers.

3. Reach out to the local media:

This used to be limited to getting the local paper to write about your pop-up shop. Now there are blogs, community-centric e-newspapers, email listservs, and other online resources that allow you to reach specific segments of the community that might be interested in your pop-up store.

4. Remember to stay true to your brand:

While it’s important to market yourself to the community, you do not want to surrender your identity and personality either. Before opening, identify the key characteristics of your products that make them unique and be sure to accentuate those details in your space. When possible, figure out ways to demonstrate how your products’ traits appeal to the neighbourhood’s tastes.


Now, to find spaces for your popup brands there are many online websites that are of convenience for you. Myrsa is one such short term renting platform where you can find spaces for your popup shops. From smalls shops to huge spaces, you can decide according to your budget and location which will be the ideal space for you. If you want to find advertising spaces for your popup shops, you can even search for them here. Visit the website to learn more and find temporary spaces for your businesses

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