Kiosks: A small space to grow your business

Digital marketing is booming at a rate that is unfathomable to us. We can just search, click and order all the necessities required. Age-old marketing techniques like door-to-door selling have been obsolete for quite some time now. It’s not like companies are not opting out of such techniques, but these techniques have somehow lost their way. Since, door to door selling increased the engagement of potential consumers with the brand representatives,there was a sense a trust developed. Not just trust-building but this technique also helped keep the expenditure of the organization to a bare minimum. A very well-known company
Eureka Forbes used this technique to an extent that whenever we see a travelling salesman, we assume it’s selling an aquaguard or vacuum cleaner.

So, what was the reason behind the decline of the door to door selling even though it was so beneficial to the organization in cutting costs and building trust between the consumers? One of the main reasons is digitalization. With the tremendous growth in online advertising and
people growing towards it, it was difficult to conduct sales offline especially through this mode. Another reason being security. People thought it was better to get the same thing online or from a retail store rather than letting an unknown person enter into their houses.

It is also a very tedious job to go from door to door to societies and cover a large area in a short period with very few sales. So, what can be the solution to a problem like this? One solution can be renting out a place and demonstrating the product there but this involves the cost of renting and other overhead expenses of hiring professionals on a sort of permanent basis, electricity and various multitudes of bills. What if we can think about a solution wherein, we can keep the costs low and also cover various areas in a short period? Our problem can have only one viable solution and that is a temporary space for rent. This is how we can sell products more efficiently and easily with the help of kiosks.

#1 Setting up a kiosk in society compounds:

The best way to sell a product to a large number of people without going through the pain of knocking on each door is by setting up a kiosk in a society compound that has access to many people. Through this, the salesman can explain the specifications of the product while establishing a sense of trust and also without risking security. This is one way the organization can earn by selling the product and also the society which is renting out a kiosk to the organization to promote its product.

#2 Kiosks in malls, shopping complexes:

Since malls and shopping places are always swarmed with people, this can be the best way to sell a product. With so many people around, there is always a chance of a good sale and increase the reach of the product by demonstrating its qualities which is not possible to do online.

#3 Festivals and special launches:

The best time to sell a product is during festivals as people tend to shop more during this time. Launching a special product can also be done by this process. Also giving out special discounts will help enhance sales.
Such solutions can be opted to improve the age-old process of door to door selling. A kiosk is very easy to set up and very cost-effective. Since we can rent a kiosk for a fixed set of hours or days, we have flexibility in our hands. A space as small as a kiosk can fetch us so much that we cannot even imagine!

Renting a temporary space is super easy through the Myrsa portal. In a few steps, you can rent a portal for your brand and start selling! Not just renting for yourself, but if you have a kiosk yourself you can put your space on rent and earn easy money!

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