Yoga – Peace of Mind and Space

The life we live in drips with comfort and all the necessities at the tip of our fingers. Even with such easement, why are we not satisfied? We just want to have everything all at once because of which the reassurance of this lifestyle is not keeping us happy. Thus, yoga plays a pivotal role in maintaining one’s body, mind and soul. Yoga as an exercise is very beneficial and especially the lifestyle,we have chosen for ourselves, yoga is something everyone can practice and even preach.

More and more people are becoming aware and moving towards learning and teaching yoga. Yoga as a profession has risen over several years. People teaching yoga are taking it up as part-time activity not only to stay fit for themselves but also to motivate others to be as fit as a fiddle.
But with so many learners and teachers, won’t we need some space? Since Yoga is not a conventional job where you teach everyone from 9-5 every day as people usually prefer doing it in the morning, a place like a yoga studio becomes a costly affair. The cost does not only include the rent or buying charges but also the maintenance and bills add to the expenditure. Isn’t it a futile practice to optout for spaces with a long lease period?

What’s the solution?

Thinking about some creative solutions to overcome this problem we will have to dwell deep into this world of renting out temporary spaces. Temporary spaces not only reduce the load on your pocket but also provide you with the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of spaces that you can rent for a short period or a fixed set of hours daily. The cost of renting a space for a small duration would mean less expenditure on the rent and more on the quality of the services offered.

A society garden or community garden is a great place to rejuvenate yourself from all the burden of the tasks lined up for us. This can offer as a good opportunity for the conduction of lessons with more and more people joining the class each day. A society garden can rent out its space for the conduction of such sessions and earn easy money.

Not just a garden but thinking about an offbeat place we can also conduct
classes in a Banquet hall. Who would have thought of that right? But whenever there are no weddings or events taking place in the hall why can’t we utilize the space and resources which are ultimately going waste into something which will keep us healthy and fit. With the cost of renting low to the instructor, the owner of the place can easily put the space going waste to some good use.

If we can think about conducting classes in a banquet hall, why can’t we ponder upon the thought of having them on a dance floor in a pub? Funny right? But coming to the very thought and essence of it we might make use of the expanse available. A pub is non-operational in the mornings so why not use them for something to build a life worth living. We could not even imagine that such places could be put to good use and with that could also fetch us money!

At Myrsa, we help you find temporary spaces for rent with the ease of just
clicking on our website, searching the options suitable for you, and helping you rent your own space at your convenience! Not only you can choose the spaces that you want to start your yoga classes but if you want to go ahead and give your own space for rent, you can just list your space and watch it grow money for you.

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