Food truck business may be a nice chance for entrepreneurs whose passion is serving food. It’s useful in many ways like there’s no want of shopping for expensive areas for a gap up in a building, all you wish for may be a full-fleeced truck, licenses and your passion for occupying food within the town. It’s employment which needs ability and innovation with lip-smacking dishes for attracting foodies.

The average value of beginning a food truck business in Republic of India is between 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs, betting on what kind of vehicle you have got and what you are commercialism.You can also go for short term renting depending upon your business.

Open grounds are also considered beneficial for food truck businesses. I have listed  some of them. If you want to know how, keep reading.

open gardens for food truck parking

1.Collaboration with campaigns and fests

Food truck owners can collaborate with campaigns and events which are held on grounds. Food truck owners can help such events by providing food to the people at the event venues which will also help to promote their own food truck. This will help food trucks to come into the spotlight and also help to gain new customers.

2.Add attractive elements to your food truck business

Food truck business on grounds can be a new and exciting idea. Due to the vast space, food truck owners can use the space by adding benches or chairs so that your customers are comfortable. One can also add a small book shelf with some books, magazines, and play some music. All this will help to attract customers and make you stand out from others. Nowadays everyone wants an aesthetic vibe so utilize a space in a way which will attract customers and make sure the vibe is right!

3.Partnership with ground owners

As food truck business on open grounds has its benefits so one can also sign a partnership with the ground owners where in the food truck owner will be given to sell his brand at every event spaces, fest, campaign held at the ground. This will help both food truck and ground owners to grow their business respectively. This will help you get new customers and gain the spotlight.

4. Rent is low

Having a food truck business on open grounds has many benefits. One of the important one is that the rent is low. For any food truck business, one has to rent/ own a space which has high expense, comparatively open grounds have low rents which is a plus point for this business. Open grounds also provide vast space so one can utilize it properly.

5. Big space brings more number of customers

Open grounds can be very beneficial for food truck businesses as open ground means a big space so there is a lot of chance for more people to come. Because of an open space there will not be a limit to customers which won’t raise  problems like customers adjusting to standing in a small space. Also due to covid, open grounds can be a safe and better option as the service will be from inside the truck and because of big space social distancing can be maintained. As grounds are mostly located in residential areas it is a plus point for food truck owners as it can bring more customers.

Yes, food trucks are a profitable business but it requires an upfront investment and a very good product i.e. food which people will love. If you are confident in your food and can bear the upfront investment, then, by all means, you should start a food truck business.

Myrsa is a short-term rental platform where food truck owners can find parking spaces for their vehicles.These all possibilties of your food truck business will come true with us.

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