What to consider when choosing a perfect wedding venue?

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is easy for some couples-to-be because they selected a favorite place even before they got involved. The options available are overwhelming for many others. It can be a challenge to find the perfect location for the wedding, from churches to hotels to restaurants to castles. Until selecting a location, here’s a guide on what you should think.

1. Number of guests

For your number of guests, you will need to pick a place that is the right size. If the place is too small, it’s going to cramp your guests. If it’s too big, the atmosphere will be dull, and a significant number of guests will appear to have failed to appear. Get a rough figure of expected wedding guests before you start listing potential venues.


Study your wedding venue’s location carefully as it can easily put off your guests at your wedding. If there are two different sites to stage your wedding ceremony and reception, make sure they are close to each other. It could make things hectic for your guests if the two sites are more than two hours apart. Think of your venue’s accessibility. If a large number of your guests come from far away, consider choosing a place near an airport that can be easily reached by road. The accommodation should also be available on your premises or nearby.

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3. Finance or Budget

Think about your budget when selecting venue. Ask yourself, “Can afford this place?” Don’t include venues that you know you can’t afford in your list as this will only result in heartbreak and waste of time.

4.How hands-on you happen ready to be

The effort you will need to put in will vary from location to location. Consider a place as unique as a barn. You will need to make lighting plans, clear the hay, hit the tables and execute a backup plan, just to name a few. Such a venue or any private rental or marquee wedding is not suitable for you if you are not ready to become hands-on. Go to a hotel with a one-size-fits-all approach, but take off your shoulders a huge weight.

5. Wedding Date

If you have a particular date in mind for your wedding, it may take some time to find places on that date that can fit you. Many sites have digital calendars where on your chosen date, month or time of year you can search for availability. For others, to rough accessibility, you should contact them.

You can find your venue much faster if you are flexible with dates. If you have a dream venue but it’s not available on your day, or you can’t afford it, consider scheduling your wedding for an off-peak time such as November, early December or February. There will be less competition for venues and there will be cheaper prices as well. Although some guests may not be able to attend, you may also consider midweek wedding.

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6. Theme or Style

What kind of event are you looking for? Will it be formal or informal? Do you want something new or traditional? These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself about your preferred style. You will narrow down your list of potential venues by describing the features you would like to integrate into your wedding. For example, large hotels, castles and stately homes are great options if you want something formal and ornate. Smaller hotels, country houses, barns, and restaurants are more ideal if you prefer an informal ceremony.

7. Parking

The parking area is a vital factor in choosing your wedding venue in this day and age. Make sure there is plenty of on-site parking space. Include a map to show guests where cars should be parked in your invitations. If you don’t have enough parking space in your chosen location, tell your guests about the entry points to nearby parking lots. You may recommend carpooling or provide ferry guests with a shuttle service to the venue.

The best place to find it is waiting for you. Take into account the above considerations and continue to search. You’re going to step into a place you’re going to fall in love within a moment.

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