Yoga – Peace of Mind and Space

The life we live in drips with comfort and all the necessities at the tip of our fingers. Even with such easement, why are we not satisfied? We just want to have everything all at once because of which the reassurance of this lifestyle is not keeping us happy. Thus, yoga plays a pivotal role... Continue Reading →

How can startups benefit from

The ‘Golden Age’ for start-ups in India has rightly and truly arrived, and India is witnessing its age-old talent for entrepreneurship being unleashed like never before. Brand-new ideas are exploding into business models and investors are all lining up to provide the requisite finance and mentoring, to take the start-up to the next round of... Continue Reading →

Mobile Payments accelerating Pop-ups

1. MOBILE PAYMENTS ACCELERATING THE POP-UP MOVEMENT IN INDIA When I first heard of pop-up shops, I thought they were specialty booksellers. I had no idea how popular the idea of temporary retail spaces would be in the new age of digital commerce, but right away, I realized how mobile tools could help make them... Continue Reading →

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