Ways to Improve your Real Estate Customer Experience

For businesses that frequently come in contact with direct customers, it is pivotal that you provide a good customer experience if you wish to retain them. As per a 2018 PwC study, consumers are ready to pay 16% extra for good customer experience. Yet, the most important reason why customers turn their backs towards businesses is insufficient speed and efficiency along with inconvenience.

More and more businesses are focusing on improving their point of contacts with customers. This enhances their experience and adds a personal touch which in turn retains the customers. On-demand services like Netflix, Uber, Ola, etc. are surpassing the expectations of customer experience, thus helping them sore their business to unmatched heights.

The expectations of customers have drastically changed over the years, with most of the consumers expecting quick and reliable solutions. Businesses need to get on board with the trends of the market if they want to make it to the other end.


Customer service and customer experience are two sides of the same coin. Even though customer service had been the top priority of businesses for the past few years, light is now being thrown on the importance of customer experience.

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So what really is the difference between the two? According to Forbes, customer service is defined as “the advice or assistance that a company provides to its customers.” whereas customer experience is defined as “the total journey of a customer’s interactions with a brand.”

Customer service is a reactive measure that a business takes when a consumer reaches out for assistance. However, customer experience is a proactive measure where a business reaches out to the consumer. This makes the customer feel heard and acknowledged.

real estate customer experience


Due to the entry of a number of competitors, retaining your customers can be a difficult task. Even the slightest of frictions between the interactions of you and the customer can result in a drift.

Customers demand quick responses and reasonable prices when it comes to real estate. Being at their constant beck and call can enhance their customer experience and improve your goodwill in the market.


Confused about how to improve your customer experience in your real estate business? Leave your worries to us as we have listed here a few things on how you can get started

  • Low Response Time

The choices that consumers have has increased significantly while their patience to wait for a response from the business has dropped. Speed, convenience and efficiency are vital if you are aiming at improving your customer experience. Simply acknowledging their queries and requests can buy you some time while you contact the customer to resolve the issue within a few hours or days from which a query was made. This takes up very little of your time but yields great results in customer experience.

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  • Consider Automation

Automation is the recipe to run a successful business. More and more people are opting for automation, thus increasing the efficiency and speed at which your real estate business caters to the customers. Automating most of your processes allows you to focus less on calls and paperwork and more on growing your property business.

real estate management software

  • Streamline processes

Proper planning and execution reduce the chances of you facing any hiccups in your business. An easy way to solve this is to opt for a property management software that takes care of all the processes of your real estate business. This allows you to take care of everything from one place at any time, anywhere.

  • Measure success

Measure the growth of your real estate business every now and then to figure out what marketing strategies you should plan next. An easy way to do that is to generate timely reports that help you analyse the trends in your business.

These are some of the ways to enhance real estate customer experience. Now, following all of the above without a little help can be tedious. Keeping that in mind, we have developed the perfect solution to all your real estate problems.

Mpower is a real estate management software that lets you list all your spaces on the dashboard, accept inquiries for the listed spaces and earn effortlessly. You can also maintain financial records and paperwork that reflect the transactions made with the bank and the customers. Moreover, we provide you with a dedicated relationship manager that looks after all your queries and resolves them in no time.

Manage your entire space inventory and earn effortlessly with Mpower!

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