Guidelines to Follow for your First Gallery Exhibition

The field of Photography has gained a lot of fame and interest for people all around the world. People are keener to try out new things and are not scared to explore the world all alone. In the early days due to the social rules and a limited amount of exploration, people were unable to experience travelling and meeting different people and exploring the numerous moments of life.

But today it is a totally different view of life experienced without any boundaries of gender, age, language, religion. Many of the photographers are travellers, who travel to various places and capture the most breathtaking moments from different parts of the world.

The society is more interested in the photography today than ever seen in the history, in historic times portrait painting was the only way but was time-consuming, today within a fraction of a second you can click and capture your present situation. People love to visit a gallery exhibition where you get to witness the skill and art of photography. In some exhibition you also get to buy those photographers, this is a great way of income for a photographer or even for the person who organizes the exhibition.

Here are few guidelines one must follow in order to prepare for your first gallery Exhibition:

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Choosing a Theme

Quality being equal, collection of random clicked photographs may not have that much of impact than a bunch of photographs which tie up together or are related to each other will. The theme for a gallery exhibition is a powerful way to enhance the mood, increase attendance and attract people. A particular exhibition interesting for me can enhance the overall look and make for the visitors.

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Finding a Space

Spaces matter the most on any occasion be it a wedding, birthday parties, and in this case a first gallery exhibition. While finding a commercial space, space must suit your decided theme; some people go according to their choice or personality. The selected place or space must be comfortable for the visitors, important for presenting your skills in a way to impress them as well.

You can go for well-supported spaces which are famous for the art gallery exhibition, but you have to create and present an out of the box exhibition people have not seen. Also, don’t hesitate to try new places which are not been used before for exhibition, sometimes unknowingly unexpected spaces become the perfect choice.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Having an exhibition can give you many benefits. When you display your work in public it becomes a great way to get your name out in the community. It can also help you to boost your confidence as an artist. Art is meant to be consumed by everyone and photography is an art. Therefore, it is of no good if you keep it locked in your hard drive.

Now, enough with this inspirational ramblings, let’s talk about costs. The things that you will need to pay for will include frames, printing, cost of the space, any food or drinks that you will want to provide to your audience. Before going on with your plans you should take all of these things into consideration. As tiresome as it may sound you need to make a budget.

Printing your photos can become very costly. You can use online printing services and save money (especially if they are having discounts on huge orders). You can also print them yourself if you have a printer.

Before you start spending money on print, keep considerations of how much space you are going to work with and how much money you can actually afford to spend on prints.  Having different sized prints can help show some variety in your exhibition.

So now you have got all your work is done and ready to go. The next step is to get an audience for your exhibition. First, start with your friends and family, and then move towards hi-tech. You should have no problem letting people be a part of your plan whether it be Facebook, Twitter, any other online communities and message boards and your personal blog or website.

Also, you can consider going for traditional ways by opting public relations and contacting the local newspapers. Contact some photography teachers and invite the whole class to attend.

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The main aim of your event should not just be to make money in your first showing or second or even most ones after that. If you go into this by thinking of it as your money making attempt, you will be disappointed. But you may be able to recover your costs a little.

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For this, the first suggestion would be to price your pieces reasonably, but make sure that you are not underselling. Look at the costs that have been put into making a particular frame and then choose which should be expensive. Don’t price based on what you think is best or worst. You can even sell without frames that will sell for a much lower price. This will increase the selling capacity.

You should have a guestbook at your opening and viewing period. This will help you collect names and email addresses of people who were interested in coming to see your work. This will help you in your next exhibition and will be much easier to target people.

Now that you are ready for hosting your event follow all these guidelines and get on with your first exhibition.

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