Earn Extra By Giving Empty Retail Space For Rent!

In 2017, the retail business saw some huge changes. Publications were loaded up with doom and gloom headlines about the retail end of the world. And while brick and mortar continues to be a feasible deals channel, the shifting landscape has some industry players, especially business landowners, endeavouring to make sense of how to fill their empty retail spaces.

As traditional retailers screen, that space is left unoccupied — leaving the owners to locate another occupant. Finding another long-term tenant can take months or even years, yet that home loan on your space still should be paid. Rather than basically hunting down another, lasting occupant, you can monetize your unoccupied retail space meanwhile.

Depending upon the size, layout and area, you have choices to make some money off your space while waiting for the right occupant. Giving your retail space for rent can be a great idea.  Here, we outline a couple of the best choices so you can settle on the correct choice for your space.

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Utilize Your Space for Pop-Up Shops

retail space on rent

Rather than picking just for long-haul retail occupants, business space proprietors can likewise investigate the alternative of short-term renters. Indeed, we’re looking at presenting your space for pop up shops.

Short-term opportunities, similar to pop up shops, can keep your space possessed with retail occupants and keep the foot traffic streaming. Yet, before you start with your choice to run with pop up shops in your space, there are assignments you’ll have to deal with to prep your space for short-term tenants.

Just like with private gatherings and occasions, you’ll need to accommodate tenants with the basics like bathrooms, Wi-Fi and climate control. To additionally speak to brands lurking here and there for the correct space for temporary activation, you’ll need to guarantee yours is impartial to effortlessly expect your renter’s visual identity.

Each renter will need a different aesthetic, so if you have a blank slate for brands to work with, you’ll likely pull in more bookings.

Rent Your Space for Private Events

retail space on rent

If your space is especially in an urban centre, you can likewise rent your commercial space for private occasions. In many bustling cities, there’s a consistent demand for well-appointed venues for gatherings and occasions, and commercial space owners can take care of that demand.

From fundraisers to art sales to parties to corporate events, property owners can showcase their space for a variety of purposes. If you choose to go this route, ensure your space can suit organisations eager to have an event with things like:

Working restrooms


Heating and air conditioner

Light, particularly neutral light

As a space for occasions, you need your setting to be a clear canvas. Along these lines, consider painting your walls a shade of white and keeping any decor theme neutral. It’s additionally useful in the event that you can give catering or bar service suggestions to occupants.

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Likewise strategize which kinds of occasions would work best in your space — intimate social events, large parties or something in between.

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