How To Make Use Of Empty Computer Labs

A computer lab acts as the hub for teaching a whole bunch of students how to use a computer and various other skills, usually by a professional computer teacher. Along with taking classes, teachers can also use the computer lab for research or for creating technology-based projects. But what about all the hours when the... Continue Reading →

Essentials to Open a Dance Studio

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor, it is to enjoy each step along the way - Wayne Dyer Dance has foremost importance all over the world. People love to participate, watch or explore dance as an emotion, especially in India it has said to have... Continue Reading →

The endless benefits of having Yoga Classes Near Me

Yoga is no longer an exclusive pastime for the athletic, healthy and flexible, nor the uber-cool hipsters. This ancient Hindu discipline is quickly becoming Mumbaikars preferred fitness activity, undeviatingly challenging the traditional gym setup - besides if it’s good enough for Shilpa Shetty and Akshay Kumar then it’s surely good enough for us! Yoga is... Continue Reading →

Your atrium space is your leverage!

Office Atrium for Rent Cafeterias are all people’s favourite places in an office complex! It’s more of a relaxing zone where officers come to enjoy their much-needed breaks. During the other times of the day, too, there is a fair population in the cafes. Have you thought about the numerous places inside a cafe that... Continue Reading →


That is what Myrsa does, in the simplest form. Every day when we travel from our homes to our offices or take a long walk in the evenings (or morning, for the morning-people), there are certain locations that we have in our minds which denote either a turn or a stop. After reading this article,... Continue Reading →

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