Shop on wheels finally takes off in India as brands arrive at societies with retail trucks

Some of India’s biggest retailers, from Levi’s and Puma to Reliance Brands and Forever New, are taking the shop to their doorsteps for customers not able to visit a shop. For example, U.S. denim giant Levi’s rolled up wheel stores in the Capital and Gurgaon that park in upmarket residential areas.
Consumers can not only shop for trials at these mobile stores but can also go back to their homes. “Customer response has surpassed all of our expectations,” said Sanjeev Mohanty, MD, South Asia, Middle East and North Africa at Strauss & Co Levi’s.

Many of India’s biggest brands, ranging from Levi’s and Puma to Reliance Brands and Forever New, take the store to their doorsteps for consumers unable to visit a shop. For example, U.S. denim giant Levi’s rolled up wheel stores that park in upmarket residential areas in the Capital and Gurgaon.
Consumers may not only shop at such mobile stores for trials but may also return to their homes. “Consumer response has met all of our expectations,” said Sanjeev Mohanty, MD at Strauss & Co Levi’s, South Asia, Middle East and North Africa.

Thanks of COVID-19 consumers got used to shopping online. This shift in their shopping habits is refocusing the logistics industry on last-mile delivery services.

Logistics firms will now need to develop their last-mile capabilities to match the modern times.

Since online shopping has grown in popularity over the past decade or so, online retailers and logistics firms have been driven to find new ways to satisfy their consumers ‘ growing needs. Order fulfillment has always been the cornerstone of every retail company but the quick delivery is what consumers really want these days. The challenge for e-commerce businesses is to accelerate distribution for their customers while still holding down their own costs.

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Modern technology has changed the way companies do business, particularly for the better. Unfortunately it has created some specific challenges as well. The same technology that allows consumers to buy goods by pressing a button comes with the assumption that the product will also be delivered quickly. Simple, secure, and effective order fulfillment is the secret to retaining customer loyalty, but it’s also one of the toughest challenges every company has to face.

Nonetheless, What is Last Mile Delivery?
Simply stated, the last mile distribution is the transfer of goods from a transport hub or warehouse to its final destination for distribution. In most cases a personal residence is the final destination. The aim of last mile distribution is to deliver goods as quickly as possible to the consumer while reducing company costs.

last mile delivery

Dairy giant Amul has started offering housing societies and resident welfare associations (RWAs) retailer margins where it supplies necessities directly in the midst of the ongoing shutdown, with societies turning main channels of consumption.

The housing societies’ margins range from 8-12 per cent everywhere, and Amul is directly distributing bulk orders of milk, cheese, ice cream to more than 500 societies across 10 cities, the company said.

“There has been incredible demand from residential complexes around towns since we started the exercise. The retailer margins on different items are being passed on to the housing societies, “reported Amul managing director RS Sodhi.

“Societies likewise interested in gaining strong retailer margins,” he said. Sodhi added that in cities with large red zone footprints, bulk orders per distributor for large housing societies ranged between 75,000-90,000 per day.

Last Mile Delivery Suggestions For Small and Medium Businesses

As you know that housing societies are looking to tie up with brands that can deliver directly to their society in bulk orders. Brands like you can find societies that are near you and connect with them and put up stalls on a daily basis so that you can deliver safe and also at your customers convinience.

When can you find housing societies near you and connect with them?

Myrsa is a platform where you can find access to the societies that are close to you and are looking for bulk deliveries.

You can book a residential space through them on an hourly or a daily basis and have your good delivered. As this is going to stay for a while you must register on Myrsa now and connect with housing societies even after lockdown. This has now become a lifestyle change and you as a brand must keep up to it!

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