Why Is The Popup Retail Trend Better?

Let’s begin with the basics of what we mean by pop up stores.

Pop-Up shops are used to retail pretty much anything. It can be Clothing, Jewellery, Art, Crafts, Tech Gadgets, Food or anything you are selling. The Pop Up Stores are set up on short term rental. The span can be a couple of hours to weeks, but the concept is to have a temporary presence so that one can reach out to customers.

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Reasons why Pop Up Shops are preferable than traditional advertising.

1. Engage Customers with Experience

When you have a Pop-Up shop, you are inviting your customers to feel your product/brand closely. Your customers indeed will get experience and trust in your product. Pop-up stores provide the power of experiential marketing and create a retail environment with a twist. In current years, shoppers have begun to spend less on products and instead have been spending their money on experiences, such as going to the cinema or eating out at a restaurant. While this has remained bad for some retailers, it has left a gap in the market for the likes of pop-up shops.

A pop-up shop intrinsically has the potential of novelty to contribute to the experience that it creates. In extension, pop-ups are usually run by a very small number of staff who all care about the store’s success. This secures a real interest in customer feedback and an increased desire to interact with customers in a genuine way. It also combines the experience of a pop-up store and helps to really engage customers on a personal level.

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2.  They’re Nailing Events

Events are an excellent way to ensure a store is creating an experience. Pop-up stores are excellent at this. This is partially down to their agility and enthusiasm to make the most of their limited time on the high street. By managing events, such as a demonstration or a talk by a well-known local expert, pop-ups draw customers into their store and create a memorable experience. It is certain types of memorable experiences that help to create brand loyalty and excitement. These events help create retail experiences that support customers to become brand loyal and spend their money.


2. Create Urgency

When you say that you are open for only a few days, you are creating an impact on your customers to grab it soon. It is demonstrated that excited shoppers are more open to buying than people who look around.

Its Here now, gone tomorrow is a real thing with pop-ups. You can assure that they won’t mind letting you know about it either. Several of the owners or sales assistants will inform you that they are just trying it out for a couple of weeks. “Fast! Get those jeans now; you may never see them again!”

This is an age-old tactic cherished by many retailers and salespeople. If you have ever bought a car from a large garage, I’m sure they will have told you that you need to put down a deposit today, because there is somebody else interested in exactly the same car that has been sat on the forecourt for two weeks until today. Now of all days, someone else wants the same car!

Particularly with a pop-up, it’s not just a tactic; they really will be gone tomorrow. Still, the most sceptical shopper will appreciate that the pop-up will truly not be there next week. Unlike the bulk of stable shops, discounts do not have to be used to generate urgency.


3. Create Buzz and get recognized

When you begin a Pop Up Store, you get a chance to trend better than the retail stores around you with colours, setup and excitement. This will assist you to spread the word around about your product or brand.


4. Cut Costs

Affordability is a huge factor when it comes to renting space in India. You can either make an affordable rental or get cuts in the deposit. Having both is impossible unless you have a Pop Up Store for your product.

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5. Flexible Tool

Pop Up shops are extremely flexible when it comes to setting and moving around. It can be accomplished on a moving truck or a small plot in a street. So, relocating the setup is as easy as a food truck bringing you deliciousness.


Pop-up stores tend to profit from their independence. Unlike several of the retail giants, pop-ups do not have to worry about their brand looking the same across all of their stores. This grants them a degree of freedom with their retail display equipment that the majority of retailers do not enjoy. For the short time that the pop-up is on the main street, it can move its displays around as often as it likes. In addition, staff can ask their customers for feedback that can be actioned in a matter of hours, rather than waiting weeks for the changes to filter through the hierarchy of merchandisers and managers above them.

Quirky styling can do phenomena for the experience a customer has. In an age where clothes are mass produced, many of us love to say that we got our new favourite jumper from a boutique or a quirky little shop that was simply there for a month. There is something interesting about being unique, temporary and exclusive. What’s more, customers love to have found someone new. They will love that a pop-up is trialling something and desires their opinion. They will root for a pop-up as though they were an underdog, and appreciate supporting and watching their discovery grow.


To sum it all, The greatest advantage of pop-up stores is their potential to grow into permanent local businesses by establishing the presence of your Brand. Pop Up Stores come and go along the road, but the point is delivering energy and serving customers.


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