Factors To Consider When Buying Or Renting Warehouse Space In India

Business Growth is extremely exciting and dreams fulfilling of every business owner. With your business growth, there comes an expansion plan as well which require a warehouse space. So before you require much large space for holding or dispatching your goods there are certain factors to consider while buying or taking a warehouse space on rent.

Traditionally one of the most ignored sectors in logistics, warehouses have now developed into sophisticated stockrooms with advanced, real-time tracking mechanisms and other state-of-the-art facilities, which have been instrumental in shaping the modern economy. Thus it had evolved from traditional godowns’ to the modern setups which have a complete suite of the warehouse management system. Now the trend is changing and there is a great demand for warehousing and logistics especially from tier-II cities like Jaipur, Ludhiana, Lucknow, Guwahati, etc

There are various factors to consider while choosing a warehouse space for your business.

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Calculate the space required

Business planning is a meticulous task as it never works on the present work situation. It only works with the estimated plan of business growth in the coming years. Having a thoughtful space planning is very essential for the growth of the business. Space can be a valuable deal only when it is well-calculated else in case of gradual growth it can disturb the financial circle by incurring the extra funds in the space. So a better analysis you have the wiser you will be to make a decision. Thus the storage requirement should be according to the product.

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Desired Consumer Base

While choosing a location it is very essential to consider your customer’s location. Your customers should be in close proximity to your warehouse. This will lead to good customer service as well will reduce the cost of shipping thus with the faster and cheap shipping process. This will make your customers happy and more likely they will be loyal towards your brand.

Proper documentation and understanding of Rent  term

The rent agreement or lease agreement is a vital document one should go through it accurately before finalizing your warehouse space. Even the increase in the rent amount should be considered if it shoot up the cost will disrupt the financial planning of your business.

Proximity to the carrier services

Make sure your warehouses are near to carrier services as it will streamline the process of shipping your products to your customers. If there is a good balance it makes the shipping process easier and faster as well make customer loyalty. Always determine a reasonable balance of distance between the manufacturing location, warehouse storage, and customer and always evaluate the transportation and shipping costs that go with that distance

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Workforce Availability

More than the physical space of the warehouse location it is the demographics that matter. Understand your labour need because people in different locations have different skills and so the price of the place changes accordingly. Always consider the supply and demand of workforce availability.
If the demand of workers is more in that area it will then lead to high salary so such variation will impact the business so having a proper evaluation of the workforce in the area is very essential before opting for warehouse. To research and understand the demographics of the area, research the educational attainment and income levels of the city or state, which can be found on government websites. Understanding the workforce is important because it impacts your employee retention and productivity rate.

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Consider the longevity of your warehouse location it will impact the growth or shrinking of your business. Always analyze the potential growth of your company and determine if the warehouse location has room for expansion. If your product is seasonal, it is always advisable to consider a location that offers the seasonal renting facility. Evaluate the potential of the warehouse space and plans for longevity.

Taking the advice from the Professionals

It is always advisable to take the suggestion from the experts since every industry has different work condition so with the expert’s suggestion any unforeseen problem can be resolved prior.

Having an apt online platform for managing multiple warehouse properties. With the demand in the growth of warehouse space, there increase the necessity for online property management software,

MPower is one such platform which completely takes care of all the properties from a single interface. Thus providing accurate data analysis.

Choosing a warehouse location require lots of aggressive research work. The location of your warehouse can be mutually beneficial for your company as well as your customers, overall providing a more efficient, effective, and profitable experience for your customers and company.

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