Ways cafes are getting social distancing right

The way we eat, where we eat, and what we eat may all change because of coronavirus.

Countries around the world are starting to remove constraints on the lockout, and people are looking for lost experiences.

One frequently overlooked experience is restaurant dining. Restaurant owners, chefs and hosts are also looking for ways of securely recreating the dining experience.

If that includes temperature controls or the installation of glass blockages, restaurants around the world have been innovative when it comes to social-distancing initiatives being respected.

Restaurants in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, are reopening in style with mannequins filling seats left vacant due to social distancing directives.

Mannequins provide social distancing at the Inn at Little Washington as they prepare to reopen their restaurant Thursday May 14, 2020, in Washington, Va. The manager say that every other table will have mannequins for social distance guidance when, according to state guidelines, the 5-star restaurant will be allowed reopen on May 29th. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

This week the country started lifting restrictions on lockdowns on bars and restaurants, enabling them to use some indoor seating.

But certain tables must stay empty to hold people away from each other a certain distance and these are used to support local fashion designers.

“Empty tables inside our restaurant look very strange, and we have no way to avoid them,” Bernie Ter Braak, restaurant owner Cozy said in a statement. Aker Braak and the fashion designer Julia Janus came up with the idea.

There are already a few dozen restaurants involved in Vilnius and it is scheduled to be held until the end of May.

“We wanted to reach out to our neighbors, fashion boutique shops, and invited them to use our empty tables to display their newest collections,” Ter Braak said. “The news spread and well-known designers joined this project, which continues to gain popularity in the area.

The restaurants in Lithuania will feature 60 mannequins showing local fashion pieces.

In the middle of the lockout, the clothing industry took a hit as stores closed and retail sales dropped off.

“Designers don’t have many opportunities to showcase their latest collections, and consumption in general is down. We hope this campaign will move the waters and local designers will gain some visibility,” fashion designer Janus said.

According to the official Lithuanian Statistics Office, retail sales for textiles, clothes and footwear decreased by 56 per cent in March compared to February due to coronavirus lockdown measures.

In hopes to create normalcy, waiters at a restaurant in Brussels, Belgium, wore face masks with pictures of themselves.

lodge face masks brussels belgium

The Belgian restaurant, Lodge, opened on June 8 and the waiters and waitresses who wore face masks filled with pictures of themselves welcomed customers.

The goal was to cheer up and welcome the long-awaited diners with a smile.

Burger King in Germany designed social-distancing crowns.

burger kind social distance crowns

The crowns in Germany have been debuted on a Burger King.

Every cardboard crown has a diameter of 6 feet, so that customers are reminded of social distance.

“The do-it-yourself social distance crown has become a fun and humorous way to encourage our guests to practice social distance as they enjoy food in the restaurants,” a representative from Burger King told Business Insider.

A restaurant in Thailand added cartoon dragons to its tables to indicate where customers can sit.

dragon cartoon thailand restaurant

A restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, decided to sit cartoon dragons at its tables.

In an effort to maintain social distancing, customers sit on one side of the table — the side without the bright green dragon.

Pool noodle hats gave people a smile and a way to socially distance themselves at a German café.

pool noodles germany

Café & Konditorei Rothe reopened earlier this month in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

The café had customers wear hats with pool noodles attached as a silly way to socially distance.

“In these difficult times, it’s a pleasure to make others smile,” restaurant owner Jacqueline Rothe told Insider.

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