The many talents of the space you own!

You read that right. With Myrsa, you will gain irrespective of whether you are a Space Owner or a Space Seeker.

You are a Space Owner when you have an empty space listed on Myrsa and a Space Seeker when you are a brand looking for a temporary space or location.

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For a Space Owner, Myrsa has a lot of ways of monetizing your space. Space can be any kind of area or location that is usually vacant. Your unused parking, unsold shop, open garden or lawn of your farmhouse, the lobby of your office complex and the list goes on.

The stilt parking that you don’t use when you’re at the office, can let multiple bikers park their bikes/cycles safely and pay rent for that many hours to you. Sounds easy? It is even easier in practice. Upload some pictures of your parking with the details on Myrsa and open the time slot according to availability. When you go out for a trip of multiple days, you can simply extend the time of availability and keep earning without any extra processor heavy paperwork!

If your school/college has an auditorium, think how many days a year it is used? I’m sure not more than 100 out of 365 days. This auditorium is the best low-cost theatre for budding artists who cannot afford to book famous theatres. A smaller ticket size attracts an audience! The same plan works for assembly halls and classrooms as well. Extracurricular activities and competitive exams require extra lectures. Once you have listed your rooms on Myrsa, teachers can book the classrooms after academic hours and hold their classes there. The school environment and equipped classrooms are the best for children to concentrate on their lessons. The teachers find it pocket-friendly to rent classrooms for required hours rather than paying big sums of yearly money.

The atrium or quadrangle of your office complex can let a food truck be there for few hours a day during lunchtime or evening. You will earn rent out of the otherwise unused space while the food truck owner has his parking problem solved! The people working, too, get great food at their office-doorstep!

A lot more spaces are available around you and Myrsa enables you to make the most of it! Stay tuned for more ideas!

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