It’s a win-win!

Long gone are the days when labour and hard work were the only sources of generating income. This is an era of Smart Earning. When I say Smart Earning, I don’t just mean online investments and dealing with cryptocurrencies. That involves too much risk to be called Smart. What should, ideally, be called a Smart Earning Method would have a minimum gamble, minimum hand-effort and, of course, maximum profitability. We have created this platform keeping in mind the “Win” of all our customers and users.

To give you a better idea of what I mean to say, let me give you a few cases in the Before-After format.

Start with the place you visit at least twice every day – the atrium of your society.

Before – Generally an empty space with a few persons crossing it while going in and out of the building.

After – Here there is a variety of Afters that I can list! What if a Dance teacher would hold dance classes once or twice a week in your lobby/clubhouse? The kids of your society will not require stepping out of the premises, the classes they usually visit will reach them instead. Besides, the trainer will make a contribution to the society which will be an extra income for the social fund. The parents, the children, the society and the trainer, everyone benefits. Win-Win!

What if there is a shop in your area that have recently opened and wants to publicise itself? If you list the lobby/clubhouse of your building on Myrsa, the shop owner can find it and connect with you to publicise their offering. Again the society will have a way of making extra income while the residents can try whatever the shop has to offer and the shop gets great publicity! Win-Win!

Think of any parking lot around you that remains vacant often.

Any mall’s parking lot during weekdays, mornings and afternoons.

Before – A lot of space lying unused except for weekends or late evenings.

After – If this is listed on Myrsa as space, NGOs can find and connect with the owner to, say, hold a free health check-up for senior citizens. Come to think of it, the animal care organizations can hold small events for pets as parking lots are similar to huge, closed halls safe for the little paws. One free parking lot can have numerous uses cases the more you think of them!

Making the best use of an area is what Myrsa facilitates. Everything is hassle-free and as smooth as booking a movie ticket or a hotel room. All an owner has to do is list a space they own on Myrsa, then sit back and relax. Brands can find the locations that suit them the best and connect with the owners.

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All kinds of artists, trainers, chefs, groups, and individuals can look for their perfect spaces and connect with the owners of those spaces on the website and close the deal!

So next time you see your property, parking, garden, clubhouse, college computer laboratory or society lobby/clubhouse, see the various invisible sources of income they are and make them a reality. List them on Myrsa and make the most of your spaces!

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