Flea Market Events & What You Can Do About It.

Mumbai, the city of dreams. The vibe of the city is distinct. Being a metropolis, you can find everything here…from the fanciest cars to designer stores, it’s all here!

Mumbai also called the Fashion Capital of India. One of the most fun experiences here is Mumbai’s street shopping and its flea market. Here people are always looking for a reason to shop. From festivals to celebrations everyone has to buy something during these times.

What is a Flea Market?

Flea market or otherwise called a swap meet. This market offers or rents spaces to the people who need to offer or trade stock. Seasonal products, inexpensive items, collectibles, and antiquities are all sold here. Moreover, you can locate an awesome decent variety of items. Also, fresh produce or baked goods, plants from neighborhood local farms and vintage clothes can be found.

If we talk about the space, it may be held outdoors, in a ground or parking lot. They are held annually, semiannually, monthly, or on weekends. It is not like street vending.

Flea Market Events in Mumabi

For the space owners

Renting a space to sell goods at Flea Market is quick, simple and a smart way to make more money. Outdoor seller spaces are an ideal location to organize a flea market. New sellers often use an outdoor space to experiment new products for a few weekends and, if their business grows, they decide to move to an indoor shop. Moreover, sellers who sell Handicrafts or Artifacts need huge outdoor spaces to sell their products.

For business owners

If you want to start a business then a Flea Market Event is a perfect fit for you. Additionally, it has some great advantages that your business will definitely need. Want to know what? Here are some.

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1. Affordable spaces.

Starting a business is not an easy attempt, as many of you may have heard. It is expensive and you could have to pay for everything somehow. But flea market doesn’t have to be like that, you

can decide on what type of spaces you want. According to your budget and according to the number of days, you can have your spaces at very affordable rates. Suppose if you want a premium spot its price would be a little high. In short, the price would vary depending on the type of space you want.

2. Switching locations.

One of the great advantages of selling at a Flea Market is that you are not held for a yearly or a monthly contract. If you are a small or a new business flea market offers great flexibility. You don’t always have to sell in the same place. Depending on the type of your product, the demographic you are trying to reach or possibly there are already people selling the same type of commodity as you. So its easily possible for you to switch the location according to your preference. Sometimes the product is seasonal like Sweaters, Mufflers, Jackets, etc which are used in Winters or Raincoats, Gumboots, Umbrellas, etc that are used in Rainy. Arent Flea markets events a big advantage to your business?

Flea Market Events

3. Great Foot Traffic.

If you are a new or small business people are not going to be aware of your existence. Growing your brand or creating its awareness is something that needs time. But that doesn’t imply that you should believe that sales will be slow in the start. You just need to get out and let people know that you exist! Flea Market events in Mumbai offer lots of foot traffic because people like to go to shopping and everyone has been to the mall, but people are always looking for something new, different or just something cheap, will surely check out a Flea Market.

4. Everything Under One Roof.

This is one of the greatest advantages your business will have. People are always looking for a place where they get everything under one roof. From clothes, eatables, accessories, to home decors and everything else the list goes on and on. People visit a flea market as they get everything under one roof. Like a variety of clothes at an affordable price. Artistic Handicrafts, antiques, elegant furniture, beautiful home decors and more.

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Myrsa is a platform where space owners meet brands. If you are a space owner Myrsa will help you rent it out to brands that actually need to spaces for a flea market. And similarly, brands can find their perfect space to hold flea market events. Visit our website to know more and start renting!

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