Best Ways To Use Your Empty Parking Space!

Vacant parking lots are not a myth at the present time. Despite the fact that personal car usages are at consistently rising rates a portion of the parking areas still remains to stay vacant. This would be possible for a new building that still needs to fill up their apartments. Or on the other hand, it could be commercial parking lots that are only useful for a certain amount of time and then stay vacant. Or then again even a private parking area that might be vacant amid the day. Haven’t you thought about how you can make a profit off this temporary vacant parking spot?

Here, we are going to talk about what you can do with the empty parking spaces in India if they weren’t mandated as car storage.

The sky is kind of the limit when it comes to making better use of these empty parking spaces, but here are the couple of specific examples of how cities across our country are transforming unused parking into more productive things that offer true benefits to the society, not just temporary car storage.

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1.Food truck

Food trucks owners can park their food trucks in the parking spaces of societies or office complexes by renting it for a few hours. Mall parking lots or open parking of offices are good fits for food trucks! Utilize them to rent your space for food truck parking.

 If you can’t get a parking lot altogether, you can at least utilize it in a better way by converting an appropriate portion of the space into a food truck area. Whether it’s just a couple spaces reserved for a truck,  spaces open to multiple trucks, or even cozy chairs, umbrellas and tables for people to eat their food, this is a win-win situation. If you are the owner of the parking lot, you can rent out these spaces to make a little extra income and you’ll be taking your foot forward to a more active street life, as well as possibly attracting in more customers who may be interested in the food truck options. Food truck operators get a safe place to park and insured footfall from the surrounding businesses.

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Fill your space with activity, not just asphalt.

Over the last few years, there have been many examples of cities deciding empty parking space to turn into parks. The transformation from an unutilized parking lot to active park just makes sense. As for the farms, parks essentially just need flat, empty land to begin with. In cities, where green land is particularly treasured and limited, a parking lot is practically guaranteed to produce lot more wealth for people and raise property rates than any parking lot or garage ever could.

On a smaller scale, street parking spaces are often transformed into “mini parks” for a short time or forever to offer outdoor seating and pop-up shop/cafe space. We can see these kinds of things in metropolitan cities these days.

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3. Pop-up shops

Customers will be more likely to visit your store if you make their life a little easier. An empty parking space of some mall or a complex can be ideal in certain cities, that can be a good option in these days because of a lot of unused parking spaces available.

Analyse public conveyance routes to see if they run close to your potential store, and check parking meter rates, nearby paid parking lots, and times when street parking is free.

Pop-up shops need temporary parking spaces as they are always on the go! Rental parking spaces are the best for this purpose! Society parking spaces or parking lots of an office complex can be great locations for a pop-up shop!

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4. Tasting events

New cafes & restaurants in town can have tasting events in parking spaces of societies or office complexes! Parking spaces assure footfall and are just enough for a stall or two! Rental parking spaces are a good fit for Food Tasting Events!

It’s a pretty smart idea to rent a stall in an empty parking. It gives your brand, a publicity in lesser investment as compared to other ways of advertising. It’s a win-win situation again.

So if you have a parking space that remains empty most of the times, think about all the ways you can make use of them to earn money. Myrsa will make it easier for you! If you wish to rent your parking space, list out your empty spaces on Myrsa on a temporary basis as you wish. And start regular footfalls in your parking space.

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