How to list your society clubhouse on rent

In today’s world, people are more about earning funds through smart way, but Myrsa will show you the smartest ways to earn by monetizing your vacant spaces. Your society clubhouses prevail empty throughout the workdays. It may be utilized for a particular time of duration in the evening’s rest of the time it remains empty. What if I tell you that your society clubhouses can generate revenue for you? Your clubhouses have a bunch of accessible spaces moreover if you think about it then several activities can be carried out at your clubhouses. But bringing that thought to reality can be a tedious task and so people wouldn’t opt for it. Earning from your clubhouses can be an excellent manner for societies to secure some additional funds and it is a remarkably smart way to earn.

Myrsa will help you list your space and make it available to different types of brands. This is a unique concept and has an online platform, it is easily accessible and convenient to manage what is been done. Monetizing your space and giving it out only when you wish to, doesn’t that sound interesting? Many people desire nearby reservations to conduct their activities. Myrsa helps you to give your society clubhouse on rent. And the people who need them will contact you.

What can your clubhouse space do?

Let me start off by saying it comprises a wide range of activities. Your clubhouse can hold classes such as Yoga, Music, Zumba, Martial Arts furthermore upskilling classes such as cooking, health and nutrition workshops, personality development sessions and language classes. If you hold classes in your own clubhouse then even the society members will benefit from it.

In India, events are a neverending business. It starts with your child’s birthday party to a huge event like marriage or any other ceremony. Many types of ritual and even festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi or Durga Pooja need a space just like your clubhouse.

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Additionally, foodies are always around the corner looking for new places. Every day there is a new cafe or a new bakery that has been started. These people need to promote their food i.e food tasting sessions or even competitions such as cooking competitions are held in such spaces. Moreover, different activities like health camps or charity exhibitions can be held in your clubhouses. Helping out someone for a good cause will not only make you feel better but, you will have a lot of well-wishers. It’s your space so you decide what is to be done with it.

Listing your clubhouse is easy, just fill in the details and go active. You will then receive notifications on your mail or SMS whenever someone is interested in a place like yours.

Here are a few tips on how to improve your listing

  1. Be as clear as possible in describing your space & venue (access, size etc.) and upload multiple photos as possible. Highlight key attributes such as a nearby attraction.
  2. Maintain the type of access you are willing to provide (full, partial, 8am-6pm etc.) – this is an important factor for many Renters.
  3. Mention clearly in Host Rule whether you are willing to provide multiple entries to Renter and price accordingly.
  4. Review the price benchmarks and set rates accordingly.
  5. Be clear on what are your “Host rules” from the start to avoid awkward conversations down the track. justify, if you have mentioned entry between 8am and 6pm and Renter request to get access at 8pm, please don’t agree. This is to avoid confusion and safety risk associated with it.
  6. Respond (within 24 hours) to rental requests by SMS or phone.
  7. Arrange site visit (if required) and keep storage area clean and tidy for move in.
  8. Upload your photo and provide details which give renters confidence in the transaction.
  9. Complete your transaction via our payments platform only. All transactions completed via our site are covered and are protected by the terms and conditions of use. We cannot guarantee any rental payments completed outside our gateway.
  10. After your first transaction, leave a review for the renter and our site. Your referral helps build trust in you, other renters and our marketplace.
  11. Be patient! Building a marketplace takes time, and the average time to match a renter is between 30-45 days

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A lot more spaces are available around you and Myrsa enables you to make the most of it! Stay tuned for more ideas!

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