Malls not just for enjoyment?

With the lifestyle we have invested ourselves in, we need some time to spend with our families, friends and socialize with people. Malls are the best places where you can shop, have fun and even grab some food if you’re hungry. Malls give us an experience of shopping,food, and entertainment. Malls have gained such popularity... Continue Reading →

A Classroom is more than just a room

School time is always filled with studies and fun. But it's only limited from morning to evening. Haven’t we always wondered if these rooms can be used for other purposes apart from conventional school lectures? A classroom has all the resources and facilities that can be used by other people in need. There are so... Continue Reading →

Computer labs only for classes?

We are currently living in the era of digitalization and we can see a rapid change in the way things are done today. In India, almost 17-20 lakh students appear for the engineering entrance exam (IIT-JEE) just for a meagre 10,000 seats! Bizarre isn’t it? But that’s how things are running. With this increase, the... Continue Reading →

Kiosks: A small space to grow your business

Digital marketing is booming at a rate that is unfathomable to us. We can just search, click and order all the necessities required. Age-old marketing techniques like door-to-door selling have been obsolete for quite some time now. It’s not like companies are not opting out of such techniques, but these techniques have somehow lost their... Continue Reading →

Yoga – Peace of Mind and Space

The life we live in drips with comfort and all the necessities at the tip of our fingers. Even with such easement, why are we not satisfied? We just want to have everything all at once because of which the reassurance of this lifestyle is not keeping us happy. Thus, yoga plays a pivotal role... Continue Reading →

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