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Every day when we travel from our homes to our offices or take a long walk in the evenings (or morning, for the morning-people), there are certain locations that we have in our minds which denote either a turn or a stop. After reading this article, the next time you reach this location, I bet you will see a whole lot of imaginary events happening in there!

Whenever you are strolling around, there’s always at least one school that you come across. Talking of schools, they are highly functional from morning 7 till evening 7 and then equally vacant. That urges me to think of the variety of ways this vacancy can become an advantage!

Advantage #1: Assembly halls

assembly halls on rent

Every school has an assembly hall used for school activities. After 7pm, this assembly hall can be a host to several other activities. Dance trainers, who cannot afford to buy a studio, can hold classes here on rent. Music teachers, too, can conduct classes without having to invest in buying any shop or rooms. Thinking further, how about weekly sessions of martial arts? In fact, there can be a timetable of the entire week having 2 dance classes, 2 music sessions and 2 martial arts sessions, all on per day rent basis. That makes 6 days. I leave the activities of the 7th day for you to think!

Advantage #2: Classrooms

classroom space for rent

Almost all of us had taken extra classes during our school times. Be it UCMAS or Vedic math. The teachers of these subjects find buying a space to be one of their biggest challenges. They can easily utilize the classrooms of schools for this purpose! Their students usually are the kids of nearby areas and their lectures are on weekends when the schools are not functional. Everything fits perfectly. makes it super easy for schools to list themselves on the website and the teachers to find the schools. One teacher can book multiple slots in multiple schools and maintain his/her dashboard too. This can be a great way to earn while spreading the knowledge!

Advantage #3: Grounds

ground for rent

Not all, but a lot of schools have huge grounds for sports and cultural events. How often are these grounds used other than the sports days, cultural festivals and such certain events? That’s one question. Here is another. How much can these grounds be used? The first one has a fixed answer. The second one, well, has unlimited answers the more you think. All kinds of events spanning from marriages to exhibitions to Sunday morning yoga sessions or promotional Zumba workshop can be held on these grounds. There are a lot of sports clubs and local clubs that organize outdoor games for their members and school grounds can be the best choice!

A little tweak to the standard image of a 7am to 7pm school opens up a host of business opportunities! This is about only those people or groups who have been a part of almost all of our lives at some or the other point of time. There are so many newer startups bubbling up every single day, a lot of them being individual entrepreneurs. So many of them are searching for a suitable place to experiment with their ideas for a day or a week or as you read this. Rental spaces can ease out their way a little.

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Mind blown? Very much. So tomorrow when you are taking a stroll around your home or office, watch the usual surroundings but see the bunch of possibilities that are in front of us yet hidden behind the old set perceptions of ours! By the time you are done counting all of them, it’ll probably be the time for you to return. Next time, I’ll give you something to think about when you’re stuck in traffic! Stay tuned!

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