Your Empty space can turn to some ones Event venue

India is the mystic land of diverse cultures and traditions. Every religion has its own cultures and traditions thus, festivals and events are held every alternate day. every day is a celebration whether it’s a Baby shower, any festival, wedding or birthday party, People love to celebrate every event and achievements with full off hearts. Well, it says Great events don’t just happen we need to make them happen. But finding a perfect venue place on required time is the tedious job. The Indian wedding market is the second highest market in the world. The demand for Banquet halls and small event halls are in demand. so, to fulfill this requirement we introduce you to this unique concept of temporary renting space for your event. which is easily accessible and within budget.

Would you like to earn during these events? Its simple log in to Myrsa and list your vacant or event space with us and earn when someone shows interest to book your space and host their events on your space. With Myrsa its simple for both Space Owners to list their spaces and for Event Organizers to find the ideal space for their events.

Spaces you can temporarily rent out for events

1. Parking Lots

Parking lots are usually empty during vacations, weekends or after office hours. Do you know you can hold an event in an empty parking space during this time? As parking spaces are huge and can accommodate huge no. of the people. This can be the place where one can host events for the large no. of an audience. Like Exhibition, Flea Market, Blood donation camp, etc. So, if you have any space similar where these events can be hosted just rent it out on Myrsa.

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2. Auditorium

 Best Event venues in Mumbai

Auditoriums usually remain empty most of the times. Offices today are more inclined to hold seminars in offbeat places to keep their employees motivated and for them, your auditorium spaces can be one of the spaces. Let out your auditoriums for different types of seminars, events and even for small movie premiers.

3. Club Houses

Society clubhouses are stylish well maintained, have elegant furniture, many of them are beside the swimming pool or garden areas. This is the best place to held party/ functions like Engagement ceremonies, Family get-togethers, Birthday parties, Small family function and so on. Many clubhouses have huge areas who can accommodate up to 200 guests. The clubhouse is the ideal space to host a variety of events for a day, weekend or one long week.

4. Open Ground

event venue

Open ground is suitable for big events as it can accommodate a large number of an audience. Nowadays it has become a trend to host an event in open ground as people are preferring it. For open ground, evening time is the most suitable for any events as a guest can enjoy the event while enjoying the atmosphere. Apart from big events, one can use the open ground for Food fest, Music concert, Yoga Classes, Health and Wellness activity etc. Even the decorations can be spectacular.

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Let the idea roll in your mind and register when you see the benefit! Listing your space at Myrsa is very easily, One just have to sign up and list the spaces they want to rent. Add your vacant space description and multiple photos so the renter can get the clear idea about space. Follow other guidelines of registration provided at website and Voila!! your space is ready for temporary renting.

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